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Patricia Pappas 2010, 2012, 2014
Marital Status: George Pappas
Children: Chris
Family Tree: Pappas

After he came out to them, Chris Pappas' parents, George and Patricia, were accepting, though his father particularly struggled to know how to talk to his son after that point, and did his best to try to stop Chris from pursuing a career as a mechanic. When Chris turned 19 in 2012, his parents arranged a party for him by Lassiter's Lake, and his family and friends attended the barbecue, though his told his boyfriend Aidan that it was for family only, not yet ready to reveal to his parents that he was in a relationship. Though delighted when his parents gave him a car, Chris had spotted Aidan in the distance and had realised that he knew the truth about the party and was upset about being lied to. Noticing that something was wrong with their son, George asked Chris what was going on, and Chris eventually explained everything. George then spoke to Patricia, who made her husband see that perhaps he needed to be more open with Chris, and then Chris wouldn't feel the need to lie to them, or to his boyfriend. George and Patricia then went back to Chris and made it clear that they were very proud of him, before George gave Chris the keys to his new car and sent him off to patch things up with Aidan.

A couple of years later, Chris had been living on Ramsay Street for a while, and with George away in Greece, Patricia was struggling with an old gambling habit. She arrived for a Gamblers Anonymous meeting at the community centre, where the convenor was Sonya Rebecchi and the pair soon got chatting, unaware of their connection through Chris. Afterwards, Patricia and Sonya went to Harold's Store, and Patricia explained that she'd been feeling quite lonely lately and had gone back to playing the pokies. When Chris then came in, Sonya was forced to keep Patricia's secret, and then, when it emerged that Chris's parents weren't aware that his boyfriend Hudson was in prison, Sonya had to keep that secret too. Fearful that Chris was about to find out about her problem, Patricia started skipping GA meetings, and with neither mother nor son willing to be honest, Sonya found herself stuck in the middle. After Sonya started dropping hints that Chris had been avoiding his parents for a reason, it didn't take long for Patricia to do a little digging and find some stories about Hudson's imprisonment for manslaughter a few months earlier. The revelation, and the realisation that her son couldn't be honest with her, sent Patricia spiralling back into old habits and she stole a watch from the local bric-a-brac shop, then sold it and spent the money at the pokies. She soon came to her senses and went to a GA meeting, where she spoke about her troubles and finally seemed to be turning a corner. Outside the community centre, however, she was arrested for shoplifting and, at the police station, she had to tell a distressed Chris about her addiction.

Chris had barely had time to digest this news before he found out that his dad would soon be coming home from Greece, and Patricia begged him not to say anything about her recent problems. Chris reluctantly agreed, but it soon became clear to Patricia that her son didn't entirely trust her any more. She told Sonya that she needed to move on from this brief relapse, and would be going cold turkey rather than attending any further support meetings. A couple of weeks later, the pressure was starting to get to Patricia, as George returned from Greece the day before her court appearance. Realising that she had no choice but to be honest with her husband, Patricia was upset when George reacted badly and she packed a bag and went to stay with Chris. The following morning, Chris tried to get his father to see sense, but all George could see was the shame that it would bring to the family. Thankfully, by the end of the day, as Chris, Sonya and Patricia left for the court, George arrived, having come to his senses and wanting to support his wife through her problems, rather than abandon her in her time of need.

Later that year, whilst on holiday in Greece, George and Patricia were alarmed to learn that Chris had been the victim of an unprovoked punch at the hands of Josh Willis, and had hit his head on the ground, leaving him with brain damage and in an induced coma. Due to an air traffic strike in Greece, it was days before the Pappas parents were able to see their son, but they spent time with him as he woke up and came to terms with his condition - which included memory lapses and an inability to use his right arm. When Chris was released from hospital, Patricia did everything she could to help and in the process, she met Chris' new boyfriend Nate Kinski, who was adamant that he could cope with aiding Chris in his recovery. Patricia quizzed ex-soldier Nate on his plans, and later told Chris that she wasn't comfortable with the situation, as it was still such a new relationship, and Nate might not be strong enough to cope. When Josh's day in court arrived, Patricia was on hand to help her son, but she was so upset with Josh that Chris asked her to stay away from the courtroom, fearing that she might not be able to keep her thoughts to herself. However, as she waited at The Waterhole, Patricia took her anger out on Sonya instead, furious that Toadie was representing Josh in court, seeing it as a huge betrayal. When word came back that Josh had been given 300 hours of community service, helped by a last-minute positive addition to Chris's victim impact statement, Patricia couldn't believe what her son had done, or that Josh had escaped without jail time. Patricia's anger, both at Josh and Sonya, had also attracted the interest of Sonya's friend Brennan, who was trying to get to the bottom of a series of poison pen letters that had been sent to the residents of Ramsay Street, revealing secrets about Sonya's troubled past. With Patricia making it clear that she blamed the Rebecchis for the outcome in court, and no longer considered Sonya a friend, she made herself the prime suspect in the case.

Trivia Notes
When Chris Pappas' mother first appeared in episode 5995, she was named Amanda Pappas and played by Mary Kost, however when she returned in episode 6403 she had been renamed Patricia, with Katerina Kotsonis taking over the role

5995, 6403, 6826, 6830, 6834, 6840, 6849, 6850, 6991, 7009