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Erin Rogers 2014-2015
Children: Catriona

When Sonya Rebecchi found herself the victim of a campaign of malicious letters, sent to her family and friends revealing details about her sordid past that they all knew anyway, it was eventually revealed that her old friend Erin Rogers was behind it. Erin had become increasingly bold, sending text messages to Sonya and then breaking into her house to see Sonya's baby daughter Nell, and knocking out Sonya's friend Mark Brennan when he came into the room. After that scare, Erin returned the next day and was looking at Sonya's family photos when Sonya and her husband Toadie found her. Erin explained that her life was in tatters, thanks to her addiction problems, and she blamed Sonya for kicking off those addictions when they were younger. Whilst Sonya had eventually got clean and managed to make something of her life, Erin had never overcome her problems and had lost her daughter Cat to the foster care system.

Erin was arrested and taken to the police station, where both Toadie and Sonya spoke to her about what she'd done. Whilst Toadie was glad to finally have the woman out of their lives, Sonya struggled with her guilt over the whole situation, feeling that Erin still deserved the chance to have a happy life. When Toadie went to Chile on a business trip, Sonya shocked Brennan by paying Erin's bail. However, when Erin then came to the Rebecchi house, she was less-than-grateful, not understanding why Sonya had done it, and not wanting her to be any part of her life. However, Sonya wasn't about to give up, and tried again to help, finding Erin work as a glass collector at The Waterhole, though not revealing the truth to bar manager Sheila Canning. However, when Brennan spotted Erin in the bar, he told Sheila about Erin's addiction problems and that she was the person who'd been stalking Sonya, costing Erin the job. Erin then disappeared again, but as Christmas arrived, and with Toadie still stuck overseas, Brennan could see that Sonya was preoccupied, unable to relax until she knew that Erin was safe. Brennan managed to track her down to a squat, and Sonya went there and left some food, but was again confronted by Erin, who angrily told her to go away. Brennan then also went to see Erin, suggesting that it might be best for everyone if she left town completely and allowed Sonya to move on with her life. However, he quickly noticed that Erin was suffering from a nasty cough and told her that he'd take her to hospital, where Dr Karl Kennedy diagnosed a chest infection. Knowing that a return to the squat would only make her health worse, Brennan offered her his spare room for a few days and she accepted.

Brennan quickly realised that living with an addict was going to be difficult, and called on Sonya for some support. As they played card games and reminisced about old times, things finally thawed between them and Sonya suggested that she and Toadie might be able to help her to get custody of Cat again. At first reluctant to put herself through it all again, Erin finally agreed to try a drug rehabilitation programme, with support from Sonya and Karl. As the programme began, Erin quickly found herself struggling with her withdrawal, but there was some good news when Toadie got in touch from Chile and explained that he'd managed to pull some strings and had arranged a meeting between Erin and her daughter, Cat. The stress of the impending meeting quickly got to Erin, who went to Karl and started begging him for more methadone. When he made it clear that he couldn't help, she went to Sonya and asked for money, claiming that she was going to use it to buy a new dress for her meeting with Cat. Wanting to trust Erin, Sonya handed over the money, but her doubts got the better of her and when she spotted Erin hurrying out of Ramsay Street later that day, she followed, but quickly found herself in danger in a sketchy area of town, where she was mugged.

When Erin returned, she was shocked to find out what had happened to Sonya, and explained that although she'd been tempted to buy drugs, she had resisted, and she gave back the money as proof. The incident left Erin feeling deflated ahead of her meeting with Cat, whilst Sonya was concerned that being Erin's support system was going to be too difficult for her. However, with Cat's arrival approaching, Sonya went to Erin and suggested that she use a pasta necklace - something she'd made for Cat, as she'd enjoyed making them when she was little - as a reminder, keeping it with her and holding onto it whenever she was close to a relapse. Erin continued to struggle as Cat failed to show up for their meeting, though Karl pointed out that Erin had similarly let her daughter down many times over the years, so she might have to be patient. Erins's spirits were raised when Cat agreed to another meeting, and as she and Sonya bought some snacks, she told her about how Cat was a great cricket player and that she'd watched some of her matches. When Sonya and Erin returned to number 30, they found that Cat had already arrived and was getting to know Toadie, but became a little pricklier when she started to talk to her mum. However, just as things looked like they might be improving, Sonya attempted to keep the conversation going by mentioning Cat's prowess as a cricketer, and that Erin had been at some of her games. Cat was furious to learn that her mum had been there all along, but had spied on her and then disappeared, like she always did. Erin was then left distraught as her daughter stormed out of the house, and she quickly blamed Sonya and Toadie for the whole thing, claiming that they seemed determined to mess things up for her.

Erin then went to Karl for help, and ended up suggesting that she could sleep with him in return for drugs, but quickly realised her mistake. Karl offered her another chance with the programme, though he explained that they'd now need a nurse to be present at all consultations, but having calmed down, Erin agreed to try writing a letter to Cat. She then went to Sonya to apologise, and Sonya pointed out that she'd need to speak to Toadie too, as she would need him on side with her court case coming up. Having smoothed things over with everyone, Erin was pleased when Cat agreed to come for another visit and, after an awkward start, mother and daughter bonded a little bit as they played cricket out on Ramsay Street and Erin managed to break one of the neighbour's windows. Feeling a little better about things, Erin then took on board a suggestion from Sonya and asked Cat if she'd like to come back to stay for a few days, and was delighted when Cat agreed to the idea. However, suddenly hit by the reality of having Cat back in her life, Erin panicked and quickly reverted to old habits, stealing Brennan's watch and wallet, and disappearing. With Cat on her way back, Sonya desperately tried to find Erin and talk her into returning, and tracked her down to the bric-a-brac shop, where she'd just pawned the watch. Sonya then tried, and failed, to talk Erin into coming back, and was forced to break the news to Cat that her mum had let her down again.

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Biography by Steve