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Catriona 'Cat' Rogers 2015
Parents: Erin

The daughter of addict Erin Rogers, Cat found herself in and out of foster care whilst growing up, as a result of her mum's problems and inability to stay clean for long. When Erin started stalking her old friend Sonya Rebecchi, blaming her for kicking off her addictions, and resenting her for getting her life back together, Sonya felt guilty and offered to try and help Erin. Erin was reluctant at first, but agreed to enter into a rehabilitation programme if it meant that there was a chance of having Cat back in her life. Sonya's husband, lawyer Toadie, managed to help to arrange a meeting between mothe and daughter, and a nervous Erin almost relapsed, and was devastated when Cat didn't show up. A second meeting was then arranged, and this time Cat arrived on her bike, having come down on the train from Albury, and immediately struck up a rapport with Toadie. When Sonya then arrived with Erin, Cat became more prickly, and the conversation was slow. However, just as things seemed to be picking up, Sonya mentioned something that Erin had told her - that Cat was an excellent cricket player and that she'd watched some of her games. Cat was shocked to realise that her mum had been at the games and hadn't come over to speak to her, and she furiously stormed out of the house.

As Erin hit a new low, offering her body to Dr Karl Kennedy in return for drugs, he managed to convince her to channel her feelings into something more positive, and she wrote a letter to Cat, asking for another chance. After reading the letter, Cat returned, but as Erin tried to speak to her, she was more interested in playing cricket out on the street with some of the neighbours. Sonya suggested that, rather than giving up again, Erin should make an effort to look at things from Cat's perspective, and so she went outside and joined in the cricket game, which ended in disaster when Erin hit the ball and broke a window at 26 Ramsay Street. Everyone quickly ran off into the house, and the experience finally brought Erin and Cat together, with Cat agreeing to Erin's suggestion that maybe she could come and stay for a few days. However, by the time Cat had checked with her foster parents and collected some of her things, Erin had finally snapped, realising that she was unable to cope with being a mum. She stole Brennan's phone, watch and wallet and pawned them, and Sonya tracked her down at the nearby bric-a-brac shop where she tried, but ultimately failed, to get her to return. When Cat arrived, she was disappointed, though not surprised, to find out that her mum had done another runner, but was pleased to have found new friends in the Rebecchis, who told her that she was welcome to come and visit them whenever she wanted.

The Rebecchis were, however, surprised when Cat turned up the following week, explaining that she'd just been to a monster truck rally nearby, and thought she'd call in. When she then started to make excuses about missing her train, Sonya became concerned, and Cat then admitted that she wanted to stay with Sonya and Toadie, as she wasn't happy with her foster parents. She told them that her foster parents had been mistreating her, and now that her foster mum Lorraine was expecting a baby of her own, she was no longer interested in Cat. As they'd both loved having Cat around, and Sonya continued to feel guilty over Erin, the Rebecchis seriously considered taking her on, but when Cat spoke about how her foster parents had rationed her to two meals a day, Sonya remembered that she and Erin used to tell similar hard luck stories. Sonya then got in touch with Lorraine, who came down from Albury and was shocked to hear the stories that Cat had been telling. As Lorraine made it clear that the new baby wouldn't mean that Cat was any less a part of the family, Cat returned home, looking forward to being a big sister.

Trivia Notes
Maleeka Gasbarri was first credited as Cat for episode 7025, but was only shown in a photograph, on the character's Facebook page, in that appearance

7041, 7045, 7047, 7051, 7052

Biography by Steve