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Guest Character Profiles > Robyn Lovell Patricia Pitney

Robyn Lovell (née Jones) 2008
Lived: Robyn Lovell's farm
Born: 1965
Parents: Robert and Hilda Jones
Marital Status: Jeremy Lovell
Siblings: Fiona
Children: Hayden
Family Tree: Jones/Lovell

Having spent several months looking after young Callum Jones when his grandmother was taken ill with a stroke, Toadie Rebecchi started to wonder if he was cut out to be his guardian as the boy started behaving badly, after their friend Nicola West suffered a mental breakdown. When Callum started trying to wreck Nicola's car and destroyed the flowers in the garden, Toadie realised that it might be best if he was with someone who knew what they were doing, and contacted Callum's aunt Robyn, who lived on a farm out in Ballarat and had a young son of her own. When Robyn agreed to take Callum, Toadie said a difficult farewell to him, but almost immediately regretted his actions and, the following week, with his friend Steph, he headed to pay Callum a visit. Robyn wasn't pleased to see him, explaining that Callum had settled in and it would be too much to uproot him yet again. Later, Toadie saw Callum feeding the animals with his cousin, Hayden, and, believing he was happy, left him, unaware that Callum couldn't stand the farm and wanted nothing more than to return to Ramsay Street.

Later in the week, Robyn caught Callum phoning Toadie, and realised that he'd been desperately calling him all week, just to hear his voice. When Toadie found out that Callum had been behind the crank calls, he and Robyn knew that something would have to be done, so she brought her nephew to Erinsborough, explaining that he probably needed to spend a bit of time in Ramsay Street, just to make sure he was certain about leaving to live on the farm. As they arrived at number 30, Callum was greeted by a surprise party, with his friends and neighbours, and Toadie telling him that he'd been an idiot to send him away, but he was welcome to come back to Ramsay Street, where he belonged.

Biography by Steve