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Character Profiles > Jade Mitchell Gemma Pranita

Jade Mitchell 2010-2012
Lives: 26 Ramsay Street
Lived: Jones house, 24, 30 Ramsay Street
Born: 1986
Parents: John and Fiona Mitchell
Siblings: Sonya
Family Tree: Mitchell/Jones
Occupation: Personal Trainer, Part Owner of Dial-a-Kyle

Emotionally-closed Jade Mitchell became estranged from her older sister, Sonya, following the death of their parents and her sister's descent into a reliance on drink, drugs and gambling. An incident when Jade had tried to help Sonya, and had been assaulted and received a broken arm in return, had been the final nail in the coffin of their relationship and it was several years before they got in touch again. In December 2010, Jade arrived in Ramsay Street, where Sonya was living with her partner Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi and Toadie's adopted son, Callum.

Jade told Sonya that she wanted them to reconnect, dragging her out for a drink and kissing Sonya's friend Lucas. It soon became clear that Sonya had a very good reason for wanting Jade to leave - Toadie and Callum were away on holiday, and Sonya knew that when they returned, Jade would quickly figure out the secret that she'd been keeping for months - that Callum was actually the son she gave away at birth. Knowing how much Sonya was struggling with having Jade, a reminder of her old self, in town, Lucas encouraged her to patch things up with her sister, in the hope that she might leave. But as personal trainer Jade started teaching power yoga at the local gym, and made friends with Donna Brown and Kate Ramsay, and got herself in trouble for flashing at Charlie's bar, Sonya worried that her little sister seemed to be making herself at home in Erinsborough and told her to leave. Jade, however, found herself a spare bed at the Kennedys next-door and was around when Toadie and Callum returned home the next day, horrified when she met Cal and realised who he actually was.

Horrified, Jade warned her sister that she would tell Callum the truth, unless she wanted to do it first. Sonya tried to explain that she just wanted to be a part of Callum's life, but she didn't think that she deserved to be his mother after everything that had happened in the past. Jade wasn't convinced, but as she got to know Callum and realised how happy he was, she had second thoughts and decided that she couldn't spoil that for him, but she wanted to stick around and reconnect with her sister anyway.

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Biography by Steve