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Sindi Parker (née Watts) 2002, 2003, 2004-2005, 2017, 2018
Lived: 28, 30 Ramsay Street
Marital Status: Stuart Parker (2005-?; Separated)
Siblings: Penny
Family Tree: Watts
Occupation: Booking Agent for travel agency, Legal Secretary, TV Presenter, Exotic Dancer, Erinsborough News Astrologer, All Her Magazine Columnist, Barmaid

Sindi first bumped into Darcy when she was staying at Lassiter's as part of her work in the travel industry. There was an immediate attraction between them, and Darcy helped her out when she hurt her ankle, but didn't take things any further, despite her obvious advances. Darcy was later shocked when he found out that Sindi was infact the sister of his girlfriend, Penny. Sindi quickly saw an opportunity and blackmailed Darcy, telling him she would reveal all about his flirting with her. The doctor was desperate to keep the incident from Penny, despite his innocence in the whole matter, so he agreed to Sindi's demands, including shoes and clothes. However, when Penny saw Darcy and Sindi together, she quickly concluded that he was cheating on her and reported him to the medical board for having an affair with a patient.

The following year, Darcy bumped into Sindi once again, in the Coffee Shop, where he found out she'd lost her job. Desperate to keep Toadie and Dee apart, Darcy offered Sindi money to go to the pub that night and flirt with Toadie. Since Sindi needed money, she agreed, but found that on the night, she was actually quite attracted to Toadie and wanted to see him again. As she plotted to get closer to Toadie, she went to Darcy to try and get information about his interests and his relationship with Dee. Darcy tried to warn her off, but she said that she would reveal all to Toadie and Dee about his plotting, unless he agreed to write a list of all Toadie's interests. At first, Sindi's plan seemed to work, as she feigned an interest in law and Toadie's favourite music, but after a few dates, Toadie found her list and began to have second thoughts. He quickly realised that he was only on the rebound from Dee and picked Sindi's birthday, of all days, to break up with her. A few days later, Sindi bumped into Toadie and borrowed his keys to get into number 30 and retrieve an earring she had left there. While there, she bumped into Dee, who had come to collect some of her stuff. Dee assumed that Sindi had been given her own key by Toadie and quickly left before Sindi could explain.

Some months later, while interviewing for a new secretary at Collins & Associates, Toadie was shocked when Sindi walked through the door. Though things were strained, it seemed that Sindi was perfect for the job and Tim hired her. She quickly proved her worth when, with Tim away in Canberra, Toadie was forced to meet with an awkward defense lawyer regarding a client. Sindi managed to fool the man into believing she was a lawyer and flirting with him until he couldn't say no to their terms.

Toadie was very impressed with his new secretary and the pair ended up spending all night together reading case notes in preparation for the next day. Though their relationship was amicable, Toadie couldn't help feeling that Sindi was constantly coming on to him. She, on the other hand, realised how his feelings for Dee were still present and made sure she kept a certain distance between them. Unfortunately, the atmosphere between them got worse and Sindi made a speech to Toadie announcing that she still loved him but would never try to step on his feelings for Dee. She then resigned and was once again gone from his life.

Some months later, Sindi made a shock return to Ramsay Street, as the host of cable TV show, Making Mansions. She had selected the Scully family to be the recipients of a new home and set about the filming. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the most experienced person, and managed to insult her camera crew, causing them to walk out on her. Fortunately, her old friends in Ramsay Street stepped in and helped her out as she struggled to complete the show.

Meanwhile, Sindi had an uneasy reunion with Toadie. The couple struggled to even be in the same room together and when Toadie began to mock Sindi’s abilities as a tv presenter, she was genuinely hurt, though tried to pretend that she didn’t care. Sindi had further problems with her love life, as Jack began to develop a crush on her, which she quickly nipped in the bud, and then she revealed to Susan and Lyn that she was involved with a married man. After a few weeks of only referring to him as ‘Tiny’, the mystery man was finally revealed to be none other than Rocco Cammeniti. With her renewed feelings for Toadie stronger than ever, Sindi attempted to end things with Rocco, but to no avail. When she and Toadie then gave in to their feelings for each other and attempted to start dating, and then Rocco unexpectedly proposed, she knew that she had to find a way to get Rocco out of her life. Toadie suggested that she make herself as undesirable as possible, but the plan backfired when Rocco found the ‘new’ Sindi more attractive than ever. Sindi was left with no choice; she revealed to Rocco that she didn’t love him and couldn’t marry him. Rocco was not about to give up so easily, and he knew that there had to be more to her story, so he arranged for one of his henchmen to follow Sindi. Sindi and Toadie were unaware that they had been photographed together, so when Rocco called round to ask Toadie to come and view some flats with him, they had no idea of the true implications.

While Stuart was convinced of Rocco’s involvement in the whole incident, Sindi wasn’t sure what to believe. With Rocco refusing to talk and emails arriving, supposedly from Toadie’s account, Sindi was forced to think positively and hope that he’d simply gone away to get his head together. However, the realisation that he may have simply left to get away from her was difficult to handle. She was also left homeless following her split from Rocco, and so Susan offered her a room at number 28. Meanwhile, Rocco caused further problems when he managed to get the screening of Making Mansions disrupted and in its place a Rock Eisteddfod was shown. Things weren’t much better when the final programme was eventually shown though, as Sindi’s final edit was scrapped and the Scully family were portrayed as idiots.

When Libby returned home from Adelaide, she and Sindi struck up a friendship, and Libby spotted Rocco in one of Sindi’s photos. She explained to Sindi that she’d seen the man at a hospital where she’d stopped with Ben on the way home. Sindi told Stuart and the pair of them drove to the hospital where they found Toadie lying in a coma, with Rocco also in his room. Stuart managed to catch Rocco as he attempted to escape, while Sindi sat by Toadie’s side, waiting for him to wake up. He was later transferred to Erinsborough Hospital where his condition improved and he eventually woke up. Unfortunately for Sindi, the first thing he said as he came round was “Dee?”. Heartbroken, as Toadie had to be reminded who his girlfriend was, Sindi started to become distant and avoided being left alone with Toadie. Even when he was released from hospital, Sindi’s strange behaviour continued and she was finally forced to admit to Toadie that she wasn’t capable of competing with his memories of Dee…

These revelations led to Sindi and Toadie breaking up. However, the split didn’t last long, as Toadie realised that he couldn’t ruin his own happiness because of his past, so he packed up Dee’s belongings and decided to move on. Although Toadie and Sindi were reunited, she decided to continue living at number 28, in order to keep her independence. She furthered this plan when she applied to become the new astrologer at the Erinsborough News. Toadie and Scott helped her by getting her dressed up to look the part, and she was amazed when she got the job. However, her new identity as Carla Cosmos soon caused trouble when she fell out with Liljana, who found astrology to be a load of garbage. The two women fought to prove whose predictions were best, although the fact that Sindi was basing her horoscopes on her friends’ lives, and Lil was reading Harold’s diary to make her predictions, meant that it was stalemate.

Sindi’s relationship with Toadie then went on to face a series of bizarre problems which tested it to the limit. When Connor was challenged to compete in a robot anhilation contest, he and Toadie worked night and day to complete a robot which they named The Caketaker. Sindi began to feel more and more neglected, even though she attempted to fit in with Toadie and his mates. Her efforts ended in disaster when she stepped on the robot’s remote control, then opened a can of beer which spilled all over The Caketaker. Things only got worse when the robot won its first battle, so Sindi decided that if she couldn’t beat them, she’d join them. Roping in Summer and Jack, she built herself a pink robot named Powder Puff. When she arrived at the arena, she was almost laughed out of the place, but the laughing quickly stopped when Powder Puff destroyed The Caketaker. Just when Sindi thought her problems were over, Toadie and Connor found a new pastime – internet dating. However, they were taking on the roles of women, hoping to entice rich men to join the site and part with their money. When Sindi found out that Toadie was also Tanya, she once again decided to join in the fun. Taking on the role of Sebastian, she exchanged emails with her own boyfriend, but began to be shocked by the content. In the end, she was forced to wonder how well she really knew Toadie, especially when she walked in on him watching the porn channels on number 30’s new pay tv.

Sindi finally decided to put her neck on the line and ask Toadie for more commitment – something he wasn’t very eager to give. Matters weren’t helped when Stuart constantly butted in, accusing Sindi of wanting to smother Toadie. In the end, Sindi decided to end things with Toadie. When she later went to talk to him, after a party at number 30, she found him passed out on the sofa, so instead she went and sat with Stuart downstairs by the barbie. Another argument began as she tried to justify her behaviour, but this time, Sindi and Stu ended up kissing. They tried to avoid each other afterwards, but Stu wanted to talk about things. He called in at number 30 where they almost kissed again. With Toadie wanting to get back together aswell, Sindi poured her heart out to Libby. A further shock came when Toadie announced that he wanted Sindi to move into number 30, and she felt that she had to confess about the kiss.

Meanwhile, Sindi had found herself a new job to keep herself occupied. After the newspaper editor had asked Sindi to write a weekly column about sex and pose in a negligee for it, she decided to quit her job. Luckily, her work had been noticed by All Her magazine, who offered her a weekly fashion column. Little did Sindi realise that the magazine was owner by the Cammenitis, and Sindi’s new acting editor was none other than Carmella Cammeniti. Carmella made it clear that she was going to push Sindi hard so she could prove herself. Sindi managed to rise to every challenge that was set to her, and soon made it clear to scheming Carmella that she wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip through her fingers. Her relationship with Toadie was also back on, as they realised that they couldn’t live without each other, despite all that had happened. However, as time went on, it became clear that although Toadie seemed to have forgiven, he certainly hadn’t forgotten. When Toadie was overheard discussing an engagement ring with his mum, word eventually got back to Sindi that Toadie was going to propose. In actual fact, Toadie was buying the ring as a favour to his brother, but Sindi was still in the dark as the couple went away on a romantic weekend away, a birthday gift from Toadie to Sindi. As the weekend progressed, it dawned on Sindi that she wasn’t going to receive a proposal after all, but nevertheless, she was shocked when Toadie told her that he thought they should break up.

Back in Erinsborough, Sindi found comfort with Stuart and the feelings between the two of them became harder and harder to ignore. After some life coaching advice from Lyn, Sindi decided to go and get a bank loan to buy herself a car. Whilst at the bank, an awkward situation emerged when both Stuart and Toadie also walked in. Things got worse still when a man burst in with a gun and, as he panicked, he grabbed Sindi as his hostage. As more time passed and the police appeared outside, the man, Glen Richards, decided to realise all but one of the hostages and made Sindi choose between Toadie and Stu. Realising that Stuart was trained for this, she picked him to stay and, a few hours later, the siege ended peacefully. When Sindi then asked for Stu’s help with choosing her new car and admitted to him that she felt awful about the bank situation and was suffering nightmares, he comforted her and they kissed. They then slept together for the first time and agreed to wait a while before breaking news of their relationship to Toadie. Both Stingray and Susan had worked out what was going on, but Toadie remained in the dark and fate kept stepping in the way of his being told.

As the locals gathered at Lou’s pub for the reception following Karl and Izzy’s non-wedding, a fire suddenly broke out. Sindi was in the bathroom when everyone was evacuated and she passed out from smoke inhalation. Stuart rushed back into the pub to save her and the two of them became trapped as the fire raged out of control and the whole building collapsed. As the two of them regained consciousness in the cellar, Sindi managed to get to her phone and call Toadie before her battery ran out. The call came just in time, as the emergency services were beginning to give up hope, and the two of them were rescued. Sindi escaped with only minor injuries, but it looked like Stuart might lose his sight, after receiving serious burns around his eyes. As she comforted him, Toadie overheard them chatting and it finally hit home that they’d been seeing each other. As she thanked Toadie for helping to rescue her, he told her that he knew what had been going on and was fine about it. Sindi then proceeded to help Stuart, offering to look after him at number 28. However, as the reality set in and Stuart admitted that he might be permanently blind, Sindi was faced with the prospect of being his carer, something she wasn’t sure she could do…

When the time came for Stu’s bandages to be removed, he claimed that his vision had returned, but it was only a matter of hours before Sindi realised that he was lying. A visit to the specialist revealed that there was a chance that Stuart may never see again. Although he managed to put up a brave front to begin with, it quickly started to slip and he plunged into depression, leaving Sindi to try and help. As the arguments escalated, Stuart accused Sindi of being to blame for the whole situation, since saving her had caused his injuries. He walked out one day and ended up lost in an unfamiliar part of town. Wandering into the road, he was run down, leaving Sindi frantic with worry. When he returned home, he decided to take a break from the relationship and move back to number 30. Fortunately, after a few days, they got back together. Sindi’s guilt over what Stuart had said continued to eat at her and when he borrowed a talking scanner from the blind institute, she decided to raise the cash so that he could have one of his own.

In order to raise money, Sindi decided to return to her old job as a dancer at Lapland Follies. After only one night, Stuart realised that something wasn’t quite right and Sindi was forced to admit what she’d been up to. He made her promise not to return to the club and she agreed. However, when news came from the specialist about a risky eye operation which could restore Stuart’s sight, at the cost of $50,000, Sindi decided that it was too good an opportunity to miss. She got in contact with a man she’d met through the club, Gary Evans, and arranged to spend the night with him in order to raise the cash. Only telling Carmella of her plans, in case something went wrong, Sindi set out, but once she was in his hotel room, she realised that she was having huge doubts. Remembering a coin trick that Stingray had shown her the week before, Sindi offered Gary a bet – on the flip of a coin she would either sleep with him or he’d give her a cheque to cover the operation. Fortunately, Sindi won, but by this point, Stu and Toadie had found out the truth and turned up to find Sindi leaving the room with the cheque. Without giving her time to explain, Stu told her that it was over between them, once more. Disgusted with herself, Sindi gave the cheque to Harold for charity, just before Stuart realised what a fool he’d been and agreed to take it. In the end, though, Paul Robinson agreed to hand over the money for the op from The Helen Daniels Trust and it looked like Stuart might finally see again.

Following the successful operation, Sindi and Stu attempted to return to normal, but disaster struck when she lost her job at All Her magazine. Despite past problems working as a waitress, Izzy agreed to give Sindi a trial at the Scarlet Bar. However, this soon went wrong when Sindi realised that the high school reunion being held that evening was for her old school, and she hadn’t been invited. As she came face to face with her old “friends”, Sindi broke down and admitted to Izzy that she’d been badly bullied at school and had never got over it. Izzy called Stu to come and look after her and, whilst there, Stu was confronted by Sheena Wilson, who warned him to be careful around Sindi, as she wasn’t to be trusted. She then mentioned the name Kelly Weaver, before clamming up. Stu managed to put it to the back of his mind, until one afternoon when new neighbour Janae Timmins, who’d been flirting with Stu, got knocked off her bike when Sindi opened her car door. Believing that it might not have been an accident, Stu tracked down Kelly Weaver to a local hospice. He found out that Kelly and Sindi had been best friends since school, but an accident one night had left Kelly in a wheelchair and Sindi had been visiting her regularly ever since. When Sindi found out Stuart’s whereabouts from Toadie, she was furious and announced that if he didn’t trust her, their relationship was over.

Stuart realised his mistake and worked to win Sindi back and, as she cooked them a special reunion dinner, new housemate Liljana Bishop announced that she would be staying home that evening. A furious Sindi reminded Lil of some dusting she should have done and went to fetch the ladder. When Stu arrived for dinner, he found Liljana lying unconscious on the floor and Sindi cowering in the hallway. Although Stu found butter on the steps of the ladder, Sindi insisted it had been an accident as she’d just been cooking, but she felt terrible nonetheless. Sindi began to worry, however, when Susan came back from a trip to Shepparton and announced plans to move up there to be closer to Libby and Ben. Moments later, Susan banged her head on a cupboard as Sindi opened it. At this point, Sindi was worried about all of the accidents that were happening around her and she decided to get to the bottom of things by being hypnotised. During the session with hypnotherapist Byron Wolfe, Sindi became distressed about an incident that her occurred at her Aunt Enid’s house when she was little. She eventually remembered and admitted to Stu that she’d been locked in a cupboard during a game of hide and seek, and had been “attacked” by a fur coat. Grateful for the way Stu had stood by her during her ordeal, Sindi shocked him by proposing in the Scarlet Bar, but he was only too happy to accept.

As wedding plans began, Toadie voiced his concerns that Stu was rushing into things with a woman he didn’t really know properly. Frustrated, Sindi managed to get the two old friends talking again and told Stu that she didn’t want a lavish wedding – as long as they were together. Soon after, she went to visit Kelly and began telling her friend stories of how Stuart worked as an undercover detective and had proposed to her on the beach. When Stu later arrived to pick up his fiancee, he found that she’d already left, but a quick chat with Kelly revealed all of Sindi’s outlandish lies. Back at home, he confronted her and she admitted that she often made up stories or exaggerated when chatting to Kelly, to cheer her up and keep her entertained. Stuart accepted this, and later admitted to Sindi that he might be in line for a promotion, but would be up against his colleague, Trent Hoffa. Later that day, Sindi mysteriously borrowed Susan’s car for a couple of hours and returned it with a large scratch. Sindi cleaned it thoroughly as a thank you to Susan, but Stu once again became suspicious when he found out that Trent had been knocked off his mountain bike by someone in a car matching Susan’s. Sindi was horrified when he confronted her with these facts, but it seemed that he’d jumped to the wrong conclusions when Trent awoke and said that the driver had glasses and dark hair. Sindi eventually forgave him, but was disappointed when Stu decided not to take the promotion and admitted that he was thinking of having counselling due to his constant suspicions about his wife-to-be.

Soon after, Sindi moved into number 30 and on her first day as a member of number 30, she squashed the pet spider, Yorick. Later, as Toadie was helping her move boxes, a black wig fell out of one, leaving him slightly concerned. As the wedding day approached, Stuart, Toadie and Connor made attempts to keep Stu’s bucks’ night plans a secret, fearing that Sindi wouldn’t approve of strippers. When she did stumble across their plans, they lied, claiming that they’d changed them and would just be having a simple night out. Following their night out, Toadie became obsessed with the belief that Sindi had been at the club wearing a red wig and watching them. Stuart refused to listen and almost banned Toadie from the wedding, whilst Sindi vehemently denied the claims. As the big day arrived, Sindi grew increasingly nervous. Things took a rapid downturn when Toadie, having found evidence on the video camera that Sindi had been at the club, burst into the church and tried to stop the ceremony. However, the evidence had been stolen from number 30, so Toadie had only his word to convince Stuart. A furious Stu punched Toadie and the happy couple were finally pronounced man and wife.

It was during the honeymoon that the extent of Sindi’s problems finally came to light. Having finally found the proof that Sindi had been lying about her presence in the club, Toadie turned up at the resort and confronted her. With Stu away booking a tennis court, Sindi tried to convince Toadie that he was wrong and, as he left the room to find Stu, she pushed him down the stairs. Altough Toadie was unhurt, Stu had witnessed the whole thing and finally realised that his friend had been right all along. The incidents involving Lil’s fall from the ladder, Janae being knocked off her bike by the car door and Trent Hoffa’s hit and run had all been a result of Sindi’s paranoid delusions. Her desperate attempts to keep Stuart with her had been triggered by his blindness and had even led to her faking the hypnosis to win Stu’s sympathy. Sindi was immediately admitted to the psychiatric ward at Erinsborough Hospital and it emerged that she’d suffered from such delusions as a teen, when she’s pushed Kelly Weaver down the stairs, and had spent time in hospital back then. Although Stuart vowed to stand by her, she told him that his constant visits were making matters worse and asked for an annulment. Stuart refused, at which point Sindi announced that she would be transferring to the Dorton Clinic in New South Wales, where she’d spent time as a teenager. After one final kiss, Sindi promised Stu that she’d return one day, when she was better.

In 2006, Stuart moved to Oakey to make a go of the farm and to reunite with Sindi, and in 2012, Toadie mentioned to a newly-returned Connor that they were still together with both a successful farm and marriage. However, by 2017, they were living separate lives, and Sindi was in Western Australia, short of money and growing increasingly desperate. Whilst working in a catering kitchen at a mine site, she met Andrea Somers and mentioned in passing that with a different hairstyle and a few other changes, she'd be the spitting image of a woman she used to know named Dee Bliss. As Sindi told Andrea about Dee, a plan began to form for the two women, with Andrea going to Erinsborough and pretending to be Dee in order to get her hands on the money from the Bliss family estate. Desperate to provide a decent future for her daughter Willow, Andrea decided that the money would otherwise be going to waste and so she arrived in Erinsborough, pretending to be Dee, armed with information from Sindi, who would take a $20,000 cut of the inheritance.

After a few weeks with little word from Andrea, Sindi risked everything by going to Erinsborough to find out what was going on. There she found out that Toadie had met Willow and had been led to believe that she was his daughter. With things becoming more complicated than she'd ever intended, and Toadie becoming more and more emotionally invested in Willow, Sindi said that she now wanted a $40,000 cut, or she'd reveal everything. When Sindi turned up again a few weeks later, the plan to get the Bliss family money had fallen through, but Toadie had offered $100,000 to help Willow go to a private school and achieve her dream of becoming a fighter pilot. Andrea and Willow then disappeared to London, with nobody in Erinsborough aware of their true identities, and when Sindi came back the following week, she was alarmed to find out what had happened - but her appearance finally caused the truth to come out. Sindi bumped into Susan, who could see that she was hiding something as she accidentally dropped the name 'Andrea' into the conversation. When Sindi went to the bathroom, Susan and Sheila checked her phone, dialling the number for Andrea Somers. When they got through to the voicemail for Dee Bliss, they were confused, and Sindi returned, snatching her phone back and leaving. Though the residents of Erinsborough then learnt the truth about Andrea, it was too late for Toadie, who almost destroyed his marriage to Sonya by sleeping with the woman he still believed to be Dee. He then saw her passport and found out that he'd been conned - and Andrea and Willow then disappeared.

A few months later, Willow turned up in Erinsborough, unable to deal with her mum any more, and Toadie took her under his wing, eventually helping her to reunite with her biological father Fergus Olsen. Willow moved to Port Macquarie, returning at the end of the year as Toadie and Sonya finally moved on from the whole drama by renewing their vows. However, they were all unaware that the ceremony was being watched from afar by Andrea, who quickly disappeared. Willow, meanwhile, had decided that she was going to try to make up for her mum's mistakes by tracking her down and forcing her to repay the $100,000 she'd taken. The following month, Sindi's estranged husband Stu was amongst the residents who returned to Erinsborough for a big party, a 1990s themed 21st birthday for Toadie, to make up for the one he'd missed out on. Stu knew that Sindi had been in touch with Andrea and was trying to contact Toadie, and he'd been hoping to avoid spoiling Toadie's big day, but then Sindi turned up. She explained that Andrea was back in Australia and had been in touch - and that she'd been back in Erinsborough, watching Toadie. She then handed over Andrea's phone number and disappeared again. Later that week, Toadie contacted Willow in Port Macquarie, who advised him to move on from Andrea and not to contact her. Toadie was unaware that Sindi was with Willow at the time, and couldn't understand why Willow was so determined to keep Andrea and Toadie apart. Sindi then realised that Willow had been in contact with her mum, and Willow said that Sindi didn't know the full story and that there were good reasons why Toadie would be better off if he never saw Andrea again.

Trivia Notes
• Marisa Warrington had previously made one-episode appearances in 1997 as Wendy Scott and again in 1999 as Robyn Dawson before winning the recurring, and later regular, role of Sindi
• To read our interviews with Marisa Warrington, click here and here
• Sindi was a guest character in 2002 and 2003, returning as a full-time member of the cast between 2004 and 2005. Marisa Warrington reprised the role again for guest stints in 2017 and 2018

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