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Glen Richards 2004, 2005

With money problems piling up and the bank on his back, desperate Glen Richards thought that he had little option left but armed robbery. He planned a raid on Pacific Bank, but things went wrong from the start when his accomplice, Mullet, failed to show up. Three of the hostages in the bank were Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker and Toadfish Rebecchi. Glen forced them, along with everyone else, to empty their pockets. At this point, Stuart refused to part with his wallet, claiming that it had been a gift from his girlfriend. Glen agreed, not realising that Stu was actually trying to conceal his identity as a police officer.

As police cars gathered outside, Glen panicked and grabbed hold of Sindi. Stu and Toadie both had strong feelings for Sindi and didn’t want to see her get hurt, but Toadie suddenly jumped up in her defence. Glen elbowed Toadie in the face, making it clear that he was still in control of the situation. As things dragged on, Glen decided to let all but one of his hostages go – and he forced Sindi to choose between Stuart and Toadie. She chose Stuart to stay. With only the two of them left inside, Glen started to let his guard down slightly, revealing to Stuart the money worries that had led to him committing armed robbery. Then Mullet phoned Glen, telling his mate that he was on the radio news. Glen turned the radio on – and discovered from the report that his hostage was a cop. Glen went nuts, threatening to kill Stuart there and then. Stu managed to remain calm and talk him round, persuading him that he’d be treated with more leniency if he gave up and nobody got hurt. Moments later, Stu and Glen emerged from the bank, where Glen was arrested on the spot.

Glen was later sent to Warrinor prison, where he was an inmate during the arrival of Ramsay Street residents Dylan and Stingray Timmins. The boys had been convicted of a robbery that Dylan had been forced to commit and Stingray struggled to cope with his new surroundings, choosing to pick on Glen and try to start a fight. Unfortunately, Stingray's erratic behaviour only served to get him some time in solitary confinement.

Biography by Steve



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