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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Robyn Dawson Marisa Warrington

Robyn Dawson 1999
Occupation: Travel Writer

An old friend of Libby Kennedy’s from high school, Robyn was known as “Dorky Dawson” when they were younger. She and Libby would often talk of the ways in which they would change the world once they left school. They lost touch after the end of year 12, but when Libby applied for a job with Small World Travel Guides, where Robyn was working, they arranged to meet up for drinks. Libby was shocked to see Robyn again, as she had changed her image somewhat and was full of stories about her travels. Libby felt a little put out and embarrassed talking about her life, as she had never even made it outside Australia. Although Robyn was impressed with Libby for completing university and finding work at the Erinsborough News, once Robyn left, Libby confided in her boyfriend, Drew, that she suddenly felt very boring in comparison.

Notes: Marisa Warrington previously guest starred in 1997 as Wendy Scott and returned in 2002, in the role of Sindi Watts, who she brought back as a series regular in 2004.

To read our interview with Marisa, click here.

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