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Matthew 'Matt' Hancock 2001-2002
Lived: 30, 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Evan Hancock and Genevieve Murdoch
Siblings: Chris, Leo, Francesca and Emily
Family Tree: Hancock
Occupation: Barman, Moco Delivery Person, Elvis Impersonator

Publican Lou Carpenter was hunting for a new barman, when cocky Matthew Hancock strolled in, boasting about how he was the best man for the job. Lou was reluctant at first, but impressed with the way he presented himself, and his previous experience, he hired the lad a matter of hours later, after giving him a trial. Matthew Hancock was a well-liked, friendly young man, and virtually everyone addressed him by the more informal "Matt". If he had any single fault, it was perhaps a somewhat simple outlook on life, which was to cause frequent quarrels and disagreements with his idealistic father, Evan.

It wasn't long after getting the job at Lou's Place, that the rest of Matt's family arrived in Erinsborough, after Evan successfully outbid Tess and Dione for Number 32. Matt found himself instantly attracted to neighbour Dione, after she moved next door to Number 30 with Toadie and Joel. He soon decided that if he was to stand a chance with her, he would have to pretend to be older, but she soon found out he is only 19 when he let it slip that he took his HSC the previous year.

Matt's mother Genevieve arrived on the scene shortly afterwards, trying to persuade him to go overseas to perfect his cooking skills and train as a top chef. Her offer caused a rift between Matt and Evan, and Matt was left confused as to what decision he should make. He decided to remain in Erinsborough, turning down his mother's offer.

Matt became good friends with Toadie, and the two of them trained Bob the dog for a competition together, planning to split the prize money. Around the same time, Matt took a shine to a customer at the pub, Laura Wallace, and it wasn't long before the couple became an item. However, things weren't as great as they first seemed - as Matt was horrified to learn that Laura worked as a stripper!

Laura was angry with Matt's attitude towards her, labelling him a prude. To prove that he wasn't, he agreed to be her minder whilst she stripped at a party. However, his behaviour at the event caused the two to quickly break up, as the relationship simply wasn't working.

While they were going out, Laura noticed Matt's uncanny resemblance to legendary rock star Elvis Presley, and persuaded him that there was a lucrative market for Elvis impersonation shows. Matt, however, suffered from stage fright, and asked Flick if she would consider being his Priscilla. She agreed and Matt's performance is such a huge success that he decided to impersonate the King on a regular basis. His first official gig caused his nerves to return, and when Flick gave him a reassuring hug before he went on stage, he began to wonder if he was falling in love with her.

Flick's sister Steph offered Matt a job at Moco, and she took him under her wing, despite his problems getting to grips with the job. Matt proved unreliable, and Steph decided to fire him. He persuaded her for one last chance, which she agreed to. Whilst out delivering parts on his own, he stopped to help an old lady carry her shopping home, and Steph was so enraged with how unprofessional he was, that she had no option but to fire him.

Elsewhere, Matt volunteered to help his dad at the school camp and Susan was grateful for his services. Whilst checking if the campers were asleep, he stumbled across Tad, Flick and Paul, who were still awake. Tad had smuggled along some alcohol, and Matt agreed to turn a blind eye to it, provided the group went to sleep. While later inebriated, Tad was bitten by a venomous scorpion. When he passed out, Paul and Flick both thought he was simply drunk. Tad ended up being airlifted to hospital, his life hanging in the balance. Susan was enraged with Matt, and could not believe his irresponsibility.

After the incident, Matt decided to enter into a car competition. The rules were that everyone touches the car, and the last person with their hand left on it, wins the vehicle. The Hancocks are overjoyed when Leo wins the car.

Meanwhile, Matt was abusing his job at the pub. With Lou distracted with the realisation that Lolly wasn't his daughter, Matt invited his friends over to the pub after closing to have some drinks after hours. Lou was forced to deal with the consequences himself, adding to his troubles. After the incident was cleared up, Matt decided to compete for Barmaid of the Year and, surprisingly, won! With his prize money, Matt bought his dream car.

Soon after, Matt was working late in the pub. Flick was with him, and the pair went down to the cellar. The door accidentally locked behind them, and they were forced to spend the night there together, which was good news for Matt, but bad for Flick. After mere minutes together, Flick accused Matt of planning the situation, decrying his behaviour around her as pathetic, since everyone apparently knew he was attracted to her. She later apologised for her outburst and the two made up.

Matt gave Flick a great idea for her PR project - trying to sell a drink which no one liked. Matt had since become a 'petrol head' over his car, and Flick tried to make him see sense over his behaviour, but her warnings fell on deaf ears when he entered an illegal drag race.

Genevieve arrived back on the scene, and tried to curry favour with Matt, claiming her marriage was in ruins and that she wanted to reunite the old family. Matt ignored her tales of woe, which caused a clash between him and Evan. Matt decided to move out from home soon afterwards, virtually inviting himself to live in Number 30.

Maggie asked Toadie to help heal the rift between Matt and Evan, but Matt stood up to Toadie and Dee, saying that they should keep out of his affairs. Matt soon had other problems, though. He failed to pay attention to his finances, and soon faced financial ruin. He decided he had no option but to drag-race for money, and won, managing to clear his debts. Whilst living with Toadie, Matt overheard his friend confessing to Maggie that he loved her. It caused a deep rift between the two friends, with Matt treating Toadie coldly.

Matt had by now decided that racing was an easy way to make money, and agreed to another drag race. At the last moment, Leo jumped in the car with him and Matt had no time to make him get out. His car swerved out of control, and knocked over neighbour Harold, who was out enjoying a power walk. Matt's opponent's car crashed into a tree, and the driver, Glen Bushby, was left with his life hanging in the balance.

Matt, unable to cope with the consequences of his actions, fled Ramsay Street. However, policewoman Terri soon closed in on him after she followed Leo to Matt's secret hideout by the beach. Matt returned home, and admitted to his crime, now prepared to meet his fate.

Matt learned that he would never be allowed to drive again, and that he could also face a hefty fine for his crime. After apologising to Harold, the Hancocks were left with no other option but to sell their house to cover the legal fees, and move in with Maggie's parents while they attempted to rebuild their lives. During the public viewings for the property, Roger Bushby, Glen's father, made an appearance and angrily confronted Matt. Evan defended his son, an act which seemed to finally bring father and son common ground. Their future uncertain, the Hancocks bid farewell to Ramsay Street a few weeks later, selling their house to Mal Kennedy.

Trivia Notes
For the storyline where Matt impersonated Elvis, in typical Neighbours style, the budget did not stretch to the rights to any of the King's actual songs. One of the pieces Matt performed was written by actor Stephen Hunt
In 2005, Matt made a cameo appearance in Annalise's 20th Anniversary Documentary
Click here to read our 2005 interview with Stephen Hunt

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Magic Moments
Episode 3999: The Hancocks' Departure

Biography by Billy