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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Genevieve Murdoch Julie Campbell

Genevieve Murdoch 2001, 2002
Marital Status: Evan Hancock (Divorced), Roger Murdoch
Children: Matthew and Chris

The bitchy first wife of Evan Hancock, Genevieve left him when it became clear that he would never be the ambitious man she sought, and ended up marrying high-flyer Roger Murdoch instead. In the years that followed, Evan also remarried to a woman named Maggie. Whilst Evan and Genevieveís younger son, Chris, lived with his mother and stepfather, older son, Matt, stayed with Evan and Maggie. Although he kept regular contact with her, Matt resented his motherís presence in his life and her tendency to throw money and gifts at him whenever their relationship was strained. When Evan, Maggie and Matt, along with Leo and Emily, the two children produced by Evanís second marriage, moved to Ramsay Street in Erinsborough, it wasnít long before Genevieve was on the doorstep, passing comment on the untidiness of the house and the state of Maggie. However, her real intention in visiting was to talk Matt into pursuing his talent as a chef. Not wanting to see him waste his life after leaving school, she explained that she and Roger would pay for him to attend the prestigious College St Etienne in Switzerland. Although Matt accepted the offer at first, he was upset when Genevieve then started talking about Evanís lack of personal ambition and inability to follow his dreams. A furious Matt told his mother that he didnít want to go to Switzerland and made it clear that she was no longer welcome in his life.

Almost a year later, Genevieve got in touch with Evan out of the blue, and the pair arranged a meet up in the Coffee Shop. Evan was immediately suspicious and, when Genevieve mentioned that she just wanted a chat, Evan accused her of having an ulterior motive and she stormed out. Feeling guilty, Evan contacted her and they met up again. This time, Genevieve admitted the truth Ė sheíd had a cancer scare and had begun to re-evaluate her life. She explained that Roger had been less than supportive and her marriage was heading towards divorce. Evan decided to try to convince Matt to speak to his mother and repair their relationship, but a meeting in the pub went badly, as Matt had little sympathy for Genevieveís situation. In the days that followed, Evan continued to see Genevieve, supporting her through a meeting with her lawyer about a divorce, but when Maggie found out what had been going on, she was horrified, pointing out to Evan that his current family should have come first. When Genevieve arrived at the Hancock house for a party to celebrate Evan winning a place on the local council, Maggie immediately turned on her and asked her to leave. Genevieve was left feeling like a fool, especially when both Matt and Evan sided with Maggie, and, realising that she couldnít worm her way back in this time, she walked out of Evanís life once more.

Biography by Steve



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