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Jayden Warley 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018
Parents: Bill Warley and Sue Parker
Occupation: Student at Erinsborough High, Assistant at The Handywoman

When his family found themselves in trouble with the police, following a robbery in their old home in Mount Isa, then another in Erinsborough, Bailey Turner soon found himself facing gossip and lots of unwelcome comments at school. Troublemaker Jayden Warley made plenty of comments about Bailey and his sister Amber, causing Bailey to finally snap, and a fight broke out. Bailey ended up pushed against a locker, resulting in a black eye.

Some weeks later, Rani Kapoor's production of To Agra With Love, a play that had been written by her mum when she was younger, was facing problems, as Rani found herself caught between her boyfriend Callum and Bailey, who she also liked. With the boys both playing lead roles in the play, Callum suddenly pulled out when he found out that Rani and Bailey had kissed, and Jayden was brought in as a last-minute replacement. During rehearsals, as Callum helped with painting a backdrop he'd destroyed in a jealous rage, Jayden couldn't resist taunting him, talking about how he'd have to kiss Rani at the end of the play.

The following year, some of the students were helping out at the school, planting trees at a working bee. Bailey had started dating Jayden's ex-girlfriend Josie Mackay and was feeling uneasy about the fact that she was more experienced than him, as Jayden had told the guys that he and Josie had slept together. When Bailey brought it up in conversation, suggesting that Josie might like to get more serious with him too, she was horrified to learn about what Jayden had been saying about her, and made it very clear to everyone that she and Jayden had never even kissed, never mind anything else. Humiliated, Jayden blamed Bailey and challenged him to a fight later that day. Bailey realised that he'd have to be clever to avoid getting beaten to a pulp, so he took along some of Lou's home brew, offering it as a bribe to cancel the fight.

Bailey's plan worked, and he soon found himself spending a lot of time hanging out, and drinking, with Jayden and his mates. Following a surprise wedding vow renewal for his parents, Bailey found himself alone at home with all of the leftover alcohol, and soon Jayden and his friends were at the house for an impromptu party. At the same time, Callum had persuaded Josie to give Bailey another chance, and she went to the house, where Jayden ended up monopolising her time, trying to win her back. Soon, a fight had broken out between the two boys, and Bailey found himself humiliated and without Josie, as well as once again being on the wrong side of Jayden. With Callum about to leave town for an internship in the USA, and everyone else at school gossiping about him, Bailey found that he had few friends left, but Josh encouraged him to find something else to focus on. Bailey decided that he would make a serious effort to pursue his goal of becoming an astronaut, and Josh helped him with some physical training, but Jayden managed to ruin that too, as he and his friends mocked Bailey's exercise regime in the park, and a dejected Bailey gave up and went home.

At school, Jayden continued to taunt Bailey, but new arrival Ben Fitzgerald stepped in, attempting to defend Bailey. Ben soon found himself targeted by Jayden, who'd looked him up online and found out that he liked creative writing and had won poetry competitions. When that failed to annoy Ben, Jayden started taunting him about his dead father, Drew, instead. At the mention of his father, Ben became upset and a fight broke out, with acting principal Libby - who was also Ben's mum - coming down hard on Jayden and suspending him when she found out why Ben had lashed out. His mum furious, Jayden then blackmailed Bailey into lying for him, and Bailey was forced to say that he'd made up the story about Jayden mentioning Ben's father, and that Ben was the one responsible for the fight.

Jayden soon found himself caught up in more drama when he bought Josh's skateboard. Having seen Josh's skateboarding tricks online, Jayden asked for a free demo, but ended up badly hurting himself after attempting to copy one of the tricks he'd seen Josh performing on the internet. Josh was then taken in for questioning by the police and given a caution for promoting this illegal activity. To add insult to injury, Josh also found himself in detention at school - as he'd been wearing his uniform in some of the videos - and threatened with legal action by Jayden's mum, Sue. Fortunately for Josh, Daniel Robinson, whose parents had gone to school with Sue, managed to talk her out of suing Josh, pointing out that she'd done some stupid things at school too, but she'd been given the chance to change, and so should Josh.

Later that year, Sue was Erinsborough's interim mayor, having taken over from Paul Robinson when he suffered a breakdown. After returning to his old self, Paul was determined to be mayor once again and started campaigning to show the locals, and the media, that he was ready to come back and make Erinsborough a better place to live. When he announced a function at Sonya's Nursery, Sue was unimpressed and when the nursery was then trashed, she became prime suspect. Sonya also found that some fundraising chocolates had been stolen, and when Jayden was then spotted hanging around the nursery, she and Paul began to wonder if he was the mystery vandal. After noticing that a button, found at the nursery, was missing from Jayden's coat, Paul was certain that he was guilty but had no way to prove it. Paul then came up with a new plan, and, after buying some of the chocolates from Georgia, he planted them in Jayden's bag, forcing him to confess when the police searched him. He then persuaded Sonya not to press criminal charges, and told Sue that Jayden wouldn't be in any trouble, but only if she gave up the mayoral position, allowing him to step back into his old job.

A few weeks later, Josh was facing a court appearance after coward punching mechanic Chris Pappas. Whilst doing some work at the garage one day, in an attempt to help Chris out in a small way, Josh noticed Jayden and his mates watching from across the street. He was horrified to realise that they saw him as a hero and when Jayden approached Josh to ask for some tips on knocking a guy out, he decided to arrange a talk with the school, to show the students the real consequences of punching someone.

The following year, Jayden was still his old self as another year began at Erinsborough High, taking great pleasure in filling Bailey's locker with rubbish. Brad Willis, who'd started working as a teacher at the school a few months earlier, decided to make an attempt to get through to Jayden and took him out for a run during the lunch break. The plan seemed to work, as Jayden had more focus afterwards, and even opened up to Brad about his problems at home with his parents arguing, and the experience also helped Brad, after a long period of doubt, to realise that he was cut out for teaching after all.

Later that year, following Matt Turner's death, Jayden found Bailey sitting in the park one day, struggling to deal with his grief over the matter. Jayden asked if he could borrow his phone, as his dad had confiscated his, and then started to look through his bag, finding a bottle of alcohol. After drinking together, the boys thought it would be a good idea to throw eggs at the history wall, but when Jayden then started throwing them at a police car, briefly forgetting that Matt had been a police constable, Bailey reacted badly. Jayden's attempts to get him to snap out of it came to nothing, but when he then started talking about how his dad was always on his case, and he was sure that Matt would have been the same, Bailey finally snapped, shouting that his dad was nothing like that and pushing Jayden to the ground.

Bailey then invited Jayden over the following week, telling him to bring alcohol. Whilst all Bailey wanted to do was sit around and mope, Jayden quickly got bored and went looking for video games in the cupboard, but found Matt's old police badge instead. Bailey then quickly hit on an idea and the two of them went out, wearing dark glasses and flashing the police badge at members of the public. It didn't take long for a motorist to realise that they were too young to be cops, and they gave up on the scam, but Brad had seen what they were up to and reported back to Lauren. When Bailey failed to see the problem with his actions, his mum attempted to give him a nasty shock and took him to the police station, where he was charged with impersonating a police officer.

Jayden then found himself embroiled in yet more drama a few weeks later, when Bailey's sister Paige confronted him, accusing him of stealing $6000 from her. After becoming unwittingly involved in some criminal activities with Tyler at the garage, Paige had been given a bag containing $50,000 to drop off to someone at Lassiter's car park, but she and Tyler had hidden it down the well, as the area was full of people. When they'd gone back to get it, they'd found $6000 had been taken, but there was part of a broken key-ring nearby. Having worked out that the key-ring was given to all members of the Dingoes football team, she'd looked on their social media and noticed that Jayden had been bragging about spending money. Unfortunately, when she found him and made her accusations, she realised that he'd only been bragging because he'd bought a load of comic books for just $5. When he then showed her his key-ring, which was still in one piece, she realised that she'd got the wrong person, but Jayden was intrigued and later headed down to the garage, trying to find out what was going on, and telling Tyler that he was always available if they needed any help with anything.

After setting up a half-price car wash at the garage for members of the Dingoes football team, Paige and Tyler finally found the broken keyring, when Glen Darby turned up and handed his keys over. He admitted to taking the money, explaining that he'd used it to buy a Helen Daniels painting, which Jayden had found in his garage after seeing an online ad that Glen had posted. However, when confronted, Jayden was unapologetic and said that he'd spent the money already, so there was no way he could give it back now. By this point, Jayden was now very interested in Paige and Tyler's activities, and kept an eye on them, watching as Paige handed Tyler some money in the kitchen at Harold's Store, and then Tyler passed it through the black-outed windows of a car outside the garage. When Jayden then approached Tyler to ask him what was going on, he got an angry response, with an already tense Tyler unwilling to be blackmailed by a teenager. Jayden then went to Paige and managed to persuade her to go on a date with him, warning that he'd go and speak to the police if she didn't. Desperate to get out of the situation, Paige got some advice from Aaron, Tyler's other brother who'd just arrived in town, and then arranged to meet Jayden at the men's shed. There, she fed him strawberries and chocolate laced with laxatives, meaning that he soon had to rush off behind a tree and Paige managed to video the whole thing, threatening to post the footage online if he didn't leave her alone.

When word finally got out about Tyler and Paige's involvement in a stolen car ring for Dennis Dimato, Jayden wasted little time in gloating about how he'd been right about her all along. Paige, however, had little time for him, reminding him that he'd been kept back a year at school because 'he had the IQ of a walnut' and, if she had nothing better to do, she might tell everyone that he was just a loser with zero personality. As she walked away, declaring that he wasn't worth it, he warned her that she'd get what was coming to her. When she later found that her punching bag had been cut up with some gardening shears, she began to suspect Jayden of being responsible, though the police felt that it was just as likely to have been the work of Dimato's nephew, Joey, who still hadn't been caught.

Later in the year, Jayden was brought in by his mum for a Saturday detention, after he doctored a photograph of the one of the teachers and spread it about online. Sue was annoyed at the disruption to her weekend, which only got worse when Susan cornered her, wanting to discuss plans to save the school from its planned closure. Sue was quite forthright with her view that the school shouldn't be saved, despite her place on its parents and friends committee, stating that she would send Jayden to a private school, where she hoped that he wouldn't be victimised quite so much. However, the following week, as the school prepared for a protest sleepout, Sue and Jayden surprised Susan when they turned up, with Sue claiming that Jayden now wanted to stay at the school, and she wanted to help save it. Once they were alone, Jayden pointed out to his mum that he really didn't want to stay at Erinsborough High, and Sue insisted that she knew that, telling him to sit down and be quiet, as she sloped off, seemingly having an ulterior motive for being in the building.

The following week, as the police investigation continued, a jerry can was found at the scene with a Fitzgerald Motors sticker on it, making Steph Scully, a mechanic with a history of mental problems, the prime suspect. But when the can was examined, Jayden's fingerprints were found on it, and he was taken in for questioning, accompanied by his mum. As Jayden had also posted, then quickly deleted, a selfie of him smoking in Susan Kennedy's office on the night of the fire, it looked like he might have been responsible, and he explained that, having convinced himself that he'd started the fire, he'd planted the can to shift the blame on to Steph. But as Jayden went off to explain his actions to Steph, Sue remained with the police and told Mark that her son couldn't possibly have started the fire, accidentally or otherwise, as she'd been in the office after him. Forced to confess everything, she admitted that she'd gone looking for the petitions to prevent the school's closure, and had tried unsuccessfully to log into Susan's computer.

A couple of years later, life for Jayden was difficult as nobody wanted to employ him. When Sue heard that Paul - who had sued and regained his wealth after being wrongfully imprisoned in 2016 - was planning to take over a half-finished housing development, she saw an opportunity. She told Paul that the original owners of the development had needed to move along the home owners who were already there - mainly elderly residents. Sue explained that those residents had been grossly underpaid and were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, and if that ever became public knowledge, then Paul's new development would be tainted from the start. She agreed not to say anything, but only if Paul gave Jayden a job on the project. Paul then had to persuade his daughter, Amy, who was managing the Robinson Heights project, and also ran local builders' yard, The Handywoman, to employ Jayden. After managing to get the truth out of Paul, Amy agreed to give Jayden an interview, and as he spoke about his struggles to find employment, she took pity and employed him, against her better judgement.

Amy was soon regretting her decision, and her friend Elly suggested that she try being harder on Jayden, and then he might quit of his own accord. Unfortunately, her plan only ended in her getting a workplace bullying warning from her half-brother Leo, who had been put in charge of overseeing all of the Robinson family's projects, including Robinson Heights. Jayden then caused further problems when he was caught working without a hardhat during a site inspection, but Amy had other things to be concerned with, when she found herself having erotic dreams about her younger apprentice. She and Elly had agreed to try going six months without getting involved with any men, and Amy realised that it had taken its toll on her, and that she'd have to find a distraction. Unfortunately, her distraction from Jayden ended up being clingy teacher Wayne Baxter, who she spent the night with, then struggled to get rid of, as he wrote poems for her and stalked her on social media.

When the truth about the history of Paul's housing development was leaked to the press by Rafael Humphreys - an Englishman who blamed Paul for the death of his mother in a fire - Sue no longer had any leverage and Paul told Amy that she could let Jayden go. However, as Amy struggled to break the news to Jayden, he realised what she was trying to do, telling her that he'd already had this happen in plenty of previous jobs. As he went to get his things and leave, Amy then called him back and told him that she wanted to offer him an apprenticeship, to give him a better chance of finding long-term employment, and Jayden was delighted to accept. When Rafael then overheard Sue insulting Paul one day, he teamed up with her to bring Paul down, with Sue getting Jayden to loosen some straps on a truck so that some concrete slabs fell off one weekend while nobody was around, hopeful that it would be enough to get the Robinson Heights site shut down for good. Unfortunately, Leo happened to be on the site when the concrete fell and, although he was left with only minor injuries, it wasn't long before the truth came out, with Rafael, Sue and Jayden all dragged in for police questioning. In court a couple of weeks later, Rafael received a $10,000 fine, while Jayden and Sue each got six months in prison.

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