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Eclipse Apartments 2013-
Address: Eclipse Apartments, Lassiter's Hotel, Erinsborough, Victoria, 9571

In early 2013, Paul Robinson revealed plans to turn the top two floors of Lassiter's Hotel into luxury apartments, consisting of 2 penthouse suites, 4 studio apartments and 14 Executive condos. After months of battles with the council's planning committee, Paul's sister and Head of Lassiter's Worldwide Development, Lucy, managed to negotiate some amendments to the plans to get the go ahead to start construction. Residents have access to the Hotel's facilities including the swimming pool and the gym.

Penthouse Apartment 2013-
Address: Eclipse Penthouse Suites 1 & 2, Lassiter's Hotel, Erinsborough, Victoria, 9571

Current Residents:
Paul Robinson (2013-2015, 2017-),
Leo Tanaka (2017-),
David Tanaka (2017-),
Amy Williams (2017, 2017-),
Jimmy Williams (2017, 2017-)

Past Regular Residents: Daniel Robinson (2014-2015), Kate Ramsay (2013-2014)

Located on the 8th floor, this penthouse apartment was built to Paul Robinson's own specifications. Accessed using a secure key card entry system, the elevator opens onto a large living space, painted red and light taupe with light wood panelling, featuring a lounge, dining table, study and a kitchenette with bar area. The apartment has four bedrooms, plus wrap around balconies with views over Erinsborough and beyond to the Melbourne Central Business District.

In 2015, the bank sold Lassiter's and the Eclipse Apartments from underneath Paul as they called in his loans for the Freestyle development and he was evicted from the apartment.

In 2017, Paul bought back the apartment using compensation money received from the Quill group for him being framed for the Lassiter's Explosion. He later bought the neighbouring penthouse and put a door through, creating one large apartment.

Executive Condo 2016-2017
Address: Eclipse Executive Condo, Lassiter's Hotel, Erinsborough, Victoria, 9571

Current Residents: None

Past Regular Residents: Leo Tanaka (2016-2017), David Tanaka (2016-2017)

Located on the 7th floor, this Executive Condo includes an open plan living area painted a light taupe, featuring a lounge, dining table and a kitchen. The apartment has two bedrooms and offers views over Erinsborough and beyond to the Melbourne Central Business District.

In 2016, Leo Tanaka was provided with the apartment in exchange for consultancy services to Lassiter's, however after losing the job, his broker David took over paying the rent.

In 2017, Paul Robinson, who had recently been revealed as their father, arranged for the Tanakas to be evicted so they would move in with him upstairs in the penthouse.

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