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Amy Greenwood 1997-2000, 2020-2022
Parents: Josie and Tony Greenwood
Marital Status: Damien Smith (2000-????; divorced), Eric Selwyn (divorced)
Siblings: Jeff and Patrick
Children: Jax, Elijah and Zara
Family Tree: Greenwood
Occupation: Student, Coffee Shop Assistant, Flight Attendant, Fashion Designer, Flamingo Bar Manager, Drinks Truck Owner

As she was one of the best-looking and most popular girls at Erinsborough High, Lance Wilkinson never thought he stood a chance with Amy Greenwood. He was thrilled when she agreed to go on a date with him, but after a while, it became clear that Lance didn't fit in with her and her group of friends. Anne didn't really take to her brother's new girlfriend either, seeing her as quite cruel and gossipy. Amy encouraged Lance to get an earring, telling him it would make him cooler, but he changed his mind at the last minute. When Lance met Amy's friends, he realised that they shared everything with each other and that he would have to prepare to be scrutinised.

After a prank at school, Anne got the blame, although Lance knew that Amy and her friends were to blame. Lance was stuck between his sister and girlfriend, but decided to keep them both sweet by taking the blame himself. After Amy forced Lance into holding a party at Number 32, things got out of hand and Amy's friend Mitch put his fist through the wall, leaving a huge hole. Ruth eventually found out and Lance began to wonder if dating Amy was more trouble than it was worth.

Amy's relationship with Lance was one of the rockiest ever to occur in Erinsborough. They split up on a regular basis and Lance used many different tactics to win her back. He pretended to have a secret admirer and showered Amy with gifts.

When Amy's friend, Jacinta was angry at Lance for humiliating her in class, she played a prank, printing indecent material about Susan Kennedy in the school newsletter, then allowed Lance to take the blame. This resulted in him being suspended and his friends, including Amy, became determined to prove his innocence. After staging a very public break-up, Amy got friendly with Jacinta and got her to admit to setting up Lance. Jacinta was horrified to find she'd been set up, but Amy and Lance triumphantly told them they were still together. After this, Amy stopped hanging around her old mates. She quickly mellowed and became good friends with Anne, Billy Kennedy and Toadie Rebecchi.

Amy was always the more forceful personality in the relationship. Whenever she got an idea into her head, she would force Lance to go along with it. She wanted them to go ballroom dancing and although it took a little persuasion, they started lessons. Lance was determined to keep it a secret, but when his clothes were stolen, he was forced to wear his outfit in public and Toadie caught him out.

When Amy's parents went away for the holidays, she was determined to spend her time with Lance. They tried to convince Ruth to let her stay, but when Ruth caught them pashing on the couch, she put an end to it all. Meanwhile, a new arrival in town, Drew Kirk, caught Amy's eye as she convinced him to pose topless for photographs. This caused Lance to be extremely jealous and decide to update his image with some fake tan. Unfortunately, he ended up orange, which perversely left Amy all the more eager to photograph him.

Amy ended up staying at Number 26 over the holidays and still got to see plenty of Lance. Amy was clearly ready to take things further with Lance, but with Phil and Ruth watching, they barely got to spend any time together.

However, Lance's jealousy of Amy spending time with Joel caused them to split up again. Both Amy and Lance became determined to prove they were moving on, but only succeeded in making each other jealous. Amy started hanging around with Bill, making it clear that they were more than just friends whenever Lance was around. Meanwhile, Lance was doing the same thing with Caitlin. Amy finally confronted Caitlin in the toilets at Little Tommy Tucker's and warned her to stay away for Lance. This finally proved that neither Lance nor Amy were over each other and they got back together.

All-out war began at Erinsborough High when both Anne and Amy decided to run for the post of school captain in their final year. Lance was torn once again between his sister and his girlfriend and when the votes were tied, it seemed someone had voted twice, with Lance as prime candidate. Susan was forced to give the girls joint responsibility for the position. Amy found this to be the perfect set-up - she could sit back and relax while Anne did all the work. This became evident as they organised the 40-hour foxtrot. However, Amy took the competition side of things seriously, quickly setting her sights on the trophy. When she and Lance won, she made sure nobody would ever be allowed to forget her victory.

Amy decided to learn to drive but after realising how bad she was and how many lessons she'd need, she decided to get a job during the school break. She managed to convince Harold and Madge to take her on at the Coffee Shop, but soon realised that she could cut her workload in half by dragging in Lance. Of course, he still hadn't learned to say no to her and was also hiding a dark secret.

Lance had been developing a gambling problem over a number of months. Although Amy had previously known about it, she'd made Lance promise to stop gambling. While she thought her ultimatum had worked, Lance was continuing to gamble and steal from his own family. When Anne found out, word soon got back to Amy and she ended their already-fragile relationship, no longer able to trust her boyfriend. Although Lance begged her to take him back, she remained adamant that she no longer understood him and they'd be better off alone. During the end of year camping trip, the couple got close again and Lance was hopeful that they'd manage to patch things up.

After the camping trip, Amy went away with her mum to a health farm. When she returned, Lance was convinced she'd be ready to give things another go and so was shocked when she told him it was over for good. When the kids' exam results arrived, Amy was disappointed to find she'd fallen just short of her choice to study Chinese alternative therapies.

After all this, Amy threw herself into helping the Ramsay Street men practice for their Full Monty performance at the pub. She also agreed to help out Billy, who was worried that his girlfriend, Anne, would get accepted to Dawber University and move away to Queensland. When a Uni-FM competition gave him the opportunity to get the money to visit, Amy agreed to help him out. However, they were both shocked when their first challenge was to kiss for half an hour. Guilt led them to try to keep their kiss a secret from Anne when she returned from visiting her grandparents in Broome, but Anne found out. When she realised why they had kissed, she forgave her friend and boyfriend.

Meanwhile, after her university disappointment, Amy shocked everyone by announcing her plans to become a flight attendant. Once again, Lance and Amy became friends, so he was disappointed when she introduced Damien Smith, a friend from her hostess training. As Amy began to found her course difficult and realised she was on the verge of failing, Lance came to the rescue, helping her to pass through to the next stage with plenty of study. When Bill and Anne accidentally invited both Lance and Amy over for dinner at the same time, they thought it might help to reunite the couple. However, they spent the entire evening arguing and this led to Amy starting to avoid her friends.

However, when Lance's gambling problem resurfaced, Amy was the only one he seemed to allow to get close to him. As his family began to abandon him, Amy helped Lance to put his feelings across to his mum. When Anne won a court case and was given Lily Madigan's house, Amy suggested that the gang all move in there together. Lance was thrilled, thinking Amy wanted to give things another go, and even move in together. However, they were all to be disappointed when Anne rented the house to someone else.

When Lance's friend Julia arrived from Mildura, Amy began to feel pangs of jealousy, seeing them so happy together. Although Julia went back home, Lance found her visit brought him a new lease of life and he began dating Megan Townsend. Amy took an instant dislike to Megan, finding her to be an awful match for Lance. This only pushed Lance and Amy further apart.

Meanwhile, Amy had begun seeing her friend, Damien. However, after seeing Lance so happy, she decided to exaggerate the details of her relationship to her friends, telling them that Damien wanted her to move in with him. When Damien found out about this, he quickly dumped her. Amy decided not to tell her friends about this, leading them to believe that Damien was simply busy with work. However, after one too many excuse, Amy finally admitted the truth to Anne.

After Sarah Beaumont left for Amsterdam, Lance and Amy entered into another battle - for her old room at Number 30. At the "Single and Suffering" night at the university, Lance and Amy were shocked to be named as King and Queen of the ball and forced to kiss on stage, until Amy quickly broke it off and ran out. Everyone could see that Amy and Lance still had feelings for each other, but he continued to see Megan. When Amy followed Lance and Megan one evening, her suspicions were confirmed when she overheard Megan talking to a friend. It seemed that Megan only went out with Lance for a bet and Amy was left with the task of breaking this news to him. Unfortunately, he took his anger out on Amy and confronted Megan, who denied the whole thing. When she eventually admitted to it, Lance took off for a while to a spot where he used to go fishing as a child. After spending the night there together, Lance and Amy got close to getting back together.

As Lance and Amy's battle to get the number thirty spare room heated up, the pair of them acted as slaves to Joel and Toadie. Amy also met Spiro Politis, a triathlete rival of Joel's whom she started seeing casually. When Lance and Amy realised Joel and Toadie had used them as slaves, they exacted their revenge and got ever closer to getting back together. While both of them appeared nonchalant about the whole thing, and Amy's relationship with Spiro didn't exactly work out, it was obvious that they were still deeply in love.

They decided to give things another try. However, they kept it from their friends and Joel began to realise he was falling for Amy. As she helped him out with a job as a stripper, he began to see a different side to her and decided to make a move on her. Amy was forced to admit that she and Lance were once again a couple. When Lance found out about the kiss, he wondered if he'd done the right thing getting back with Amy.

Financial problems also reared their head for Amy as her credit card spending got out of hand. In a bid to make some money, she got involved in a pyramid scheme, known as the aeroplane game. She convinced more and more friends to get involved; Joel gave her a particularly large sum of money from his stripping gig as he was also short of cash and needed some fast. Unfortunately, Amy lost everyone's money. Her guilt led her to begin doing charity work, but this didn't suit Amy and everyone saw straight through it.

After Anne and Bill had split up, Anne began seeing an artist friend, Fanto. When Fanto propositioned Amy, asking her to pose nude for him, she did the decent thing and declined, then told Anne about the incident. Anne was unconvinced, although quickly saw through Fanto when he tried to charge her too much rent. Anne went to stay with the Greenwoods. Meanwhile, Amy seemed to be disappearing for days on end. When Lance finally caught up with her, she agreed to attend the Millennium Eve party in Ramsay Street. However, her lack of interest and inability to arrive at the party was soon revealed to be because she was once again seeing Damien, this time behind Lance's back.

Amy found it difficult to keep her affair a secret from Lance, but found it even more difficult to tell him the truth, despite pressure from Damien. However, this was all put on the backburner when Amy's health gave her cause for concern. Lance insisted she see Karl about it and he suggested she may be pregnant. Anne told Amy she had to know for certain and Amy took a home pregnancy test, which was positive. Anne insisted that her brother be told, but Amy was forced to admit that the baby was Damien's, not Lance's.

Anne pressured Amy into telling Lance, but Amy couldn't admit the truth, only telling Lance that they should stop seeing each other. Lance quickly rebounded back to Julia from Mildura while Amy received a marriage proposal from Damien. She declined, admitting he might feel differently if he knew about the baby. Lance was devastated to learn the truth about why Amy dumped him, causing a big fallout with his sister, who had known all along. However, Lance also proved what a decent guy he could be when he visited Damien and told him the truth about Amy's predicament. Damien proposed once again to Amy and they made plans to move to Damien's flat, closer to the airport. Amy made her final appearance in Ramsay Street just before jetting off to Fiji for her wedding. Her friends held a pool party for her and Lance told Amy she was his first love and that he hoped she'd be happy.

After the birth of a son, Jax, Amy's marriage to Damien ended when he turned out to be gay, and a second marriage, to a man named Eric, ended the same way, but gave Amy two more children, named Zara and Elijah. With Amy continuing to jet around the world, she didn't play a huge role in the upbringing of her two sons and daughter, and when the airline she was working for fell victim to bankruptcy, she was forced to look for a new career. Learning that Lassiters hotel was looking for submissions for a new uniform, she returned to Erinsborough twenty years after leaving, hopeful that this might finally be the opportunity to follow her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

(to be continued)

Trivia Notes
- Amy had a phobia of needles
- Amy craved oranges when pregnant
- Jacinta Stapleton previously appeared as student Vikki in three episodes in 1993
- In 2005, Amy made a cameo appearance in Annalise's 20th Anniversary Documentary, in which she mentions that she regrets not marrying Lance when she had the chance

2894-3492, 4773, 8511-8903

Magic Moments
Episode 2894: Amy's Arrival

Episode 3492: Amy's Departure

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