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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Megan Townsend Allison Byrne

Megan Townsend 1999
Occupation: Dance Student, Nightclub Bouncer

During one of his many splits from girlfriend Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson met a girl named Megan Townsend at a club, and she gave him her number. Unfortunately, when Lance’s trousers, with the number in the pocket, were washed, he had no way of contacting her, and his friends, particularly Amy, began to think that he was making the whole thing up. Fortunately, the pair ran into each other again at the university library and went for coffee, where she told him about her uni course, in contemporary dance and that she also had a part-time job as a nightclub bouncer. Their meeting came to an awkward end, however, when Amy walked into the Coffee Shop and was forced to eat her words about Lance having a fake girlfriend. That evening, Lance and Megan went dancing again and were surprised to find Amy at the club. Although she claimed that it was just a coincidence, and she was meeting her boyfriend Damien there, Lance wasn’t convinced and, when he left them alone, Megan accused Amy of stalking them as she was still hung up on Lance.

A few days later, Lance and Megan met up again at the university and were arranging another date when Amy appeared once more. The following evening, after going to a concert together, Lance and Megan went back to number 30 rather than his place, as she wasn’t keen on meeting his parents just yet, and were just about to get more comfortable on the couch, when they found Amy was asleep there. Although Amy explained that she had an early flight and didn’t want to go home to an argument with her mum, Lance again warned her to stop stalking him. Later, when Lance tried to make peace with Amy, she said that Megan couldn’t be trusted, and she was just using him, but he refused to listen and told her that their friendship was over. Things then got worse for Amy when she lied to her friends that she and Damien were thinking about moving in together and, when he found out, he ended things with her. Lance, meanwhile, was falling under Megan's spell and taking her encouragement to update his image and start attending music festivals.

A couple of weeks later, Lance, Amy and Megan, amongst others, attended a ‘Single and Suffering’ night at the uni, in which everyone filled in a questionnaire so they could be randomly matched to another partygoer. As the party got underway, Megan’s true colours came to light as she joked with her friend, Rachael Ball, about what a dag Lance was, and was only too pleased when she was paired up with Bill Kennedy, the boyfriend of Lance’s sister, Anne. Lance, meanwhile, was paired up with Amy and they were announced as the king and queen of the ball, and forced to kiss on stage, much to Megan’s disgust. The following week, during a night out at the pub, Amy was horrified to overhear Megan and Rachael talking in the toilets, with Rachael telling Megan that she’d won their bet and managed to stop Lance being such a huge dag, so she won the $10.

A nervous Amy realised that she’d have to tell Lance the truth, but before she could pluck up the courage, he and Megan left for a few days to attend Earth Rave. Upon his return, Lance was appalled to hear the rumours Amy had been spreading about Megan only dating him for a bet. Later, Amy tried to get through to Lance and convinced him that she cared about him and wasn’t trying to be malicious. When he met Megan at the pub, Lance asked her to be honest, and she couldn’t deny that she had only started dating him for a bet, but said that she had grown to really like him and had enjoyed their time together. Lance, however, realised that he couldn’t trust a word she said, and ended things between them.

Biography by Steve



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