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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Kim Tanaka Jenny Young

Kim Tanaka (née Taylor) 1985, 2017
Lived: Taylor house
Born: 1970
Parents: [Name unknown] Sano (biological) and Marcia Taylor; Neil Taylor (adoptive)
Marital Status: [Name unknown] Tanaka
Children: Leo and David
Occupation: Student

When 15-year-old Kim Taylor started dating her school friend Scott Robinson, she kept it a secret, knowing that her mother would disapprove. However, a practical joke by Danny Ramsay and his friend Eddie Sherwin backfired, causing the relationship to be revealed. Danny and Eddie recorded a private conversation between Kim and Scott, then edited it to make it sound a lot more sexual that it truly was. Kim’s mother, Marcia, a teacher at the high school, saw the boys messing with the tape in class and forced them to play it to everyone. This embarrassing incident led to Scott and Kim running away together, hiding out in the ruins of an old monestary.

When Jim Robinson finally tracked them down, Scott went home to Ramsay Street, but Kim refused to see her parents. Instead, she headed into the city, eventually finding a bedsit shared with a girl called Sonia. Despite visits from Scott, who lent her the money to survive, as well as his brother Paul and Father Barry, she refused to change her mind.

Some weeks later, Kim got in touch with Scott again asking if he could lend her another $200. He managed to borrow the money from Paul, but quickly realised that there was something seriously wrong with Kim. She admitted that she was hiding out from a man called Brad, who had gotten her pregnant. However, Brad followed Scott to Kim’s new bedsit and told her that he wanted her, and the baby, back. Another pregnant friend of Kim’s, Josie, visited her and made it quite clear why she was keeping her child – because Brad was organising for her to sell it. Josie explained to Kim that Brad could organise for her to do the same. Kim agreed to this plan, but the disapproval of Scott, coupled with threats from Brad, made her reconsider. The final straw came when Kim saw how unhappy Josie was after giving her child away at birth.

Scott confided in Paul about the situation, and Paul decided to arrange for the young couple to visit a family planning clinic. However, once there, Kim broke down, unsure of whether she would be able to go through with an abortion after all, and she walked out. Scott’s grandmother, Helen Daniels, proud of her grandson’s actions in helping Kim, offered to assist them by tracking down Mr and Mrs Taylor, who had since moved away from Erinsborough. At first, Marcia refused to acknowledge that she still had a daughter, but she eventually went to see Kim at her bedsit. She explained to her daughter that she’d been in a similar situation 27 years ago and had been forced to give away her child, Karen. Kim admitted that she really needed her mother’s support now and so, after thanking the Robinsons, they headed home.

Biography by Steve



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