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John Carter 2008
Occupation: Car Salesman

When Riley Parker was attending trials for the Eastside Dingoes football team, he was surprised to see that someone named John Carter was also trying out. John wasted little time in winding Riley up and goading him about what a bad player he was and later, in the bar, John continued to taunt Riley about the secret from their past, causing a fight to break out. Though Riley's adoptive father, Steve, and sister Bridget tried to get through to him, he refused to talk about where he knew John from, instead arranging to meet the man himself, in the hope that they could put the past behind them. As the two met, it became clear why there was such hostility - many years ago, John's family had fostered 8-year-old Riley and 2-year-old Bridget, but a jealous John had pushed Riley too far. Following a display of violence from Riley, he and his sister had been moved on from the family they were just beginning to feel settled with, and John's recounting of events caused Riley to snap again and launch himself at his old enemy, later finding himself arrested for assault.

At the station, Steve was determined to get to the bottom of the situation and, when he spotted John leaving, he followed, offering to buy him a drink. After a chat, Steve managed to get the full story from John, who admitted that he'd felt pushed out at home whenever his parents fostered kids during the holidays. After getting it all out of his system, he realised that he'd been unfair to blame Riley all these years, and went to see him, agreeing to drop the charges, transfer to a different football team and get out of his life completely.

Trivia Notes
Luke Hemsworth previously appeared in 2001 and 2002 as Nathan Tyson
Luke's siblings Chris and Liam also appeared in Neighbours as Jamie Kane and Josh Taylor respectively
The Carter family had a dog named Jasper

Biography by Steve