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Character Profiles > Edith Chubb Irene Inescort

Edith Chubb 1988-1989
Lived: 30 Ramsay Street
Siblings: Gordon
Family Tree: Chubb/Davies

A formidable lady from Narrabri, Edith Chubb, or Aunt Edie as her nieces knew her, came to Ramsay Street when Sharon Davies ran away from home. Sharon’s older sister Bronwyn had been working as Jamie Clarke’s nanny for a few weeks when Sharon arrived, having had enough of living on the farm with her father and aunt. Edie arrived to find Sharon and Bronwyn acting out roles as part of a murder mystery party, and was left wondering what sort of madness her nieces had gotten themselves involved in.

It wasn’t long before Edie was trying to take Sharon home to Narrabri, but the young girl dug her heels in. She’d had a few days to get used to some freedom and life in the big city, and didn’t want to return to being a slave. Fortunately, as the Davies sisters were lodging with Nell Mangel, Edie approved of this set-up and allowed the girls to stay under Nell’s strict living arrangements. Edie returned to Narrabri satisfied with what she had seen. However, not long after, Sharon found a letter at Des’ house and realised that it was Edie’s handwriting, so she read it. She realised with horror that Edie had asked Des to act as her representative and bid on the newly vacant 30 Ramsay Street. Desperate to avoid having her aunt in Erinsborough permanently, Sharon dressed up as an old lady and bid on the house herself. Although she won, Des quickly rumbled her plot as she tried to make a quick getaway, and Edie got the house after all.

Upon her return to Ramsay Street, Edie was horrified to be confronted not only by Bronwyn kissing Mike Young, but also Sharon kissing Nick Page. Edie decided that her nieces needed her guidance. She moved them both in with her and attempted to control their lives, but the tables were quickly turned when Edie got stuck up a tree in the garden of number 30, whilst retrieving her cat, Arthur, and Sharon managed to blackmail her into allowing her to see Nick.

Edie was further unimpressed when Bronwyn’s affections switched to local “larrakin” Henry Ramsay. She attempted to stop them seeing each other, so they were forced to continue things behind her back. However, when Edie returned early from a trip to Narrabri, Henry had to make a quick exit out of the back door wearing only a towel. And when the towel caught in the door, Henry had to run across Ramsay Street naked! Edie was therefore delighted when Bronwyn and Henry broke up, following a prank in which he allowed her to believe he was seriously ill. However, she was to be horrified once again, when the young couple reunited, and Des Clarke allowed them to live together under his roof.

Edie soon found her talents indisposible in Erinsborough when she joined Harold Bishop in running the Coffee Shop. After spending many weeks feuding with her neighbour Joe Mangel, particularly when her cat, Arthur, failed to get along with Joe’s dog, Bouncer, Edie also found herself having problems working alongside Harold, as she proved to be even more fussy than he was. Luckily, by the end of the year, Edie managed to make up for everything when she stepped in at the last minute to play Santa at Lassiter’s, when Harold hurt his back. Things took an amusing turn when Joe, still believing Harold was under the beard and red suit, sat on Santa’s knee and started rubbing his belly.

Edie’s feud with Joe turned nasty soon after, however, when Joe’s ex-wife Noelene asked her to spy on Joe and try and get some information to help her win custody. When Joe got to hear about this, he gave Edie a plant as an anonymous gift, but she didn’t realise that it was all part of an elaborate practical joke. The plant was infact marijuana, and Joe wasted no time in reporting his neighbour to the police. Edie managed to clear the mistake up, but was horrified at the way her good name had been dragged through the mud. She managed to get one over on Joe though, when she cruelly assisted Noelene in stealing Toby back from Joe. With many of the locals disgusted with this low act, it wasn’t long before Edie decided to leave Erinsborough to look after a sick relative.

788-789, 802-809, 856-893

Magic Moments
Episode 788: Edie's Arrival

Biography by Steve