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Bronwyn Ramsay (née Davies) 1988-1990
Lived: 24, 28, 30, 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Katherine and Gordon Davies
Marital Status: Henry Ramsay (1990-)

Siblings: Sharon and Bill
Family Tree: Davies
Occupation: Nanny, Vet

Strong-willed, caring and not afraid to speak her mind, country girl Bronwyn Davies was brought up by her Aunt Edie in Narrabri after the death of her mother when she was 14 years of age. Her father, Gordon, spent his time on the family farm, leaving Bronwyn to look after the house and her younger sister, Sharon. She was forced to leave school after Year 10 because she found it too hard to juggle schoolwork with caring for the family's needs. Fed up with the pressure of trying to live up to her father and aunt's expectations, Bronwyn eventually left Narrabri in 1988 and moved to Erinsborough where she took a course in childcare.

One day while out shopping at the mall, Bronwyn came across a toddler who was apparently lost. Bronwyn eventually located the child's father, Des Clarke, and condemned him for being so careless and irresponsible with his son. The following day, Des began interviewing for a nanny to look after little Jamie - and his first appointment turned out to be Bronwyn! They agreed to put their differences aside and start again, and knowing Bronwyn was the best candidate for the job, Des hired her as Jamie's nanny. The job also came with a room at the Clarke house, No. 28 Ramsay Street, and Bronwyn soon found herself falling for Mike Young, the student teacher who also lived there with Des and Jamie. Bronwyn and Mike started dating, but she soon felt out of place with Mike's uni friends and finished with him. Meanwhile, the street's resident joker, Henry Ramsay, had fallen madly in love with Bronwyn, but she was completely unaware and only saw him as being a good friend.

Bronwyn moved into No. 32 Ramsay Street to lodge with Mrs. Mangel and her granddaughter, Jane, after her relationship with Mike failed. And soon after, Bronwyn was surprised by the arrival of Sharon. Sharon instantly caused trouble for Bronwyn in Erinsborough by announcing she was sick of life on the farm since Bronwyn's departure because it had meant Aunt Edie was even more present in Sharon's life. Bronwyn tried to talk Sharon into returning to Narrabri, but she refused to budge, and after Mrs. Mangel agreed, Sharon also moved into No. 32 with Bronwyn and enrolled at Erinsborough High School. Shortly afterwards, Aunt Edie showed up in Erinsborough, determined to bring Sharon back to Narrabri with her. But Bronwyn and Sharon stood their ground and insisted it was time Edie let them stand on their own two feet. Edie finally gave in, and returned to Narrabri alone. However, she did manage to keep an interest in Erinsborough by buying No. 30 next door to Bronwyn and Sharon. And when Mrs. Mangel threw Sharon out of No. 32, Bronwyn was forced to leave too, and the girls moved into Edie's new house next door.

Bronwyn, meanwhile, began to realise that she was strongly attracted to Henry, but the two seemed destined not to get together. Bronwyn finally plucked up the courage to invite Henry over for a romantic dinner, where she planned to tell him she was in love with him. But Henry misunderstood and invited Joe Mangel and Jane over for the dinner too. When Bronwyn found out Henry had invited them, she was furious with him, and she angrily lashed out at him on the veranda at the back of No. 30. When Bronwyn shoved Henry in anger, she accidentally sent him falling down the steps, and thinking he was unconscious, Bronwyn rushed to his side, willing him to wake up and telling him how much she loved him. On hearing Bronwyn's profession of love, Henry woke up and revealed he felt the very same. The couple kissed at last and started seeing each other.

Henry became a regular fixture at No. 30 once he and Bronwyn's relationship got off the ground. But one morning, as Henry had just got out of the shower, Bronwyn and Sharon realised that Aunt Edie had just pulled up outside, and Henry had to make a desperate scramble out the back door so that Bronwyn's prudish aunt wouldn't see him. However, Henry's towel got caught in the door as Bronwyn frantically closed it behind him, and as he heard Edie preparing to head out the back for an inspection of the garden, Henry was forced to abandon the towel and run naked across Ramsay Street to the safety of his own home. Edie announced her plans to stay in Erinsborough and move into No. 30, meaning Bronwyn would not enjoy the same freedom she had before. Henry suggested they get a place of their own, now that she didn't have the responsibility of looking after Sharon, and Bronwyn agreed. But with the couple unable to afford the high rents around town, Henry's mother Madge offered to let Bronwyn move in with Henry at No. 24. Madge's stuffy husband, Harold, was initially aghast at the idea of Henry and Bronwyn sharing the same bedroom out of wedlock, but he eventually came to realise that the couple were devoted to each other, and became very fond of Bronwyn, looking upon her as part of the family before long.

When Mike started tutoring Bronwyn in preparation for her exams, Bronwyn found herself attracted to Mike again, and they kissed. Mike began to hassle Bronwyn about giving him another chance, dismissing her relationship with Henry as being worthless. But Bronwyn told Mike that she had been spending too much time with him and had been neglecting Henry, and had decided to cancel the tutoring. Mike remained determined to win Bronwyn back, however, and after Henry's sister, Charlene, needed help repairing damage to her house in Brisbane, Mike persuaded Henry to go up north and help with the repair job, meaning he would have Bronwyn to himself in Henry's absence. After Bronwyn passed her exams, Mike invited her out for dinner to celebrate, and she agreed. But when Mike dropped her home afterwards, he confessed his feelings to her, and they kissed on the Ramsay's doorstep. Harold overheard Bronwyn and Mike discussing their feelings for each other on the front porch, and told Madge. When Madge confronted Bronwyn about what Harold claimed to have heard, Bronwyn opened up to Madge and told her that she and Mike were just friends, although she was getting confused about her feelings for him. Bronwyn's confession prompted Madge to suggest it would be better under the circumstances if Bronwyn moved out of the Ramsay house. Bronwyn moved back across to No. 30, telling Mike she didn't want to pursue their relationship any further. And when Henry returned from Brisbane and learnt of what had been going on, they split up.

The bond between Henry and Bronwyn was still extremely strong, despite their break-up. So when Bronwyn started receiving malicious poison pen letters, she enlisted Henry's help in tracking the culprit down. Henry spent the night in his car, watching No. 30 in the hopes of catching the letter writer. However, Henry fell asleep and only woke as the culprit was driving off on his motorbike. Attempting to save Bronwyn from further upset, Henry tried to hide the new letter from Bronwyn just as she emerged from No. 30 to check the post. But Bronwyn mistakenly thought Henry was the culprit after catching him red-handed with the letter, devastating Henry, who couldn't believe she would think him capable of such a thing. Bronwyn quickly realised she was being ridiculous to even consider that Henry would do such a thing, and she apologised to him for accusing him. And after it was discovered that her ex-boyfriend from Narrabri was responsible, Henry was there to comfort Bronwyn, and they got back together.

Soon after, Henry proposed to Bronwyn and they planned to marry in a double wedding with Joe and Henry's stepsister, Kerry. But on the eve of the wedding, Gordon Davies arrived in Ramsay Street and desperately tried to talk Bronwyn out of marrying Henry, who he saw as a joker and layabout. Bronwyn initially resisted her father's pleas to cancel the wedding, but when he made one last heartfelt plea for her to at least wait a little longer so that she could be sure Henry was the one, Bronwyn agreed to wait. She told Henry only hours before the wedding was due to commence that she couldn't go ahead with it. Henry was heartbroken by Bronwyn's decision, but he was comforted by Bronwyn's assurance that she would marry him eventually, just not immediately.

Meanwhile, as Jamie Clarke got older and started pre-school, Bronwyn looked for a new job. After working in the Coffee Shop with Harold for a time, she decided to become a vet, and started working as a vet's assistant while she attended tech at night to attain full qualifications. Henry also changed career around the same time, swapping his gardening business for a job on Erinsborough Radio, where he quickly proved he had great talent as a DJ. When Henry was offered a lucrative job offer at a New Zealand radio station, he and Bronwyn decided to move there. But Bronwyn was unable to get a job transfer, and the couple made the heartbreaking decision to try a long-distance relationship. In an emotional goodbye at the airport, Bronwyn was touched when Henry left his beloved guitar with her, and she kissed him goodbye, hoping that a job would come up for her in New Zealand as soon as possible.

Bronwyn was quite down during the first few weeks of Henry's departure, and when she took a possum home from the vets as a pet, she named him Henry. Not knowing about the possum, Harold and Madge thought Bronwyn had gone crazy when they heard her walking around the house talking to 'Henry' one afternoon, until they realised it was the possum she was speaking to, and not Henry. However, Bronwyn landed Harold in trouble with the food authorities after she took the possum into the Coffee Shop one day, and Erinsborough High principal, Mr. Muir reported the incident.

Love prevailed, meanwhile, for Bronwyn and Henry when Bronwyn landed a job at a veterinary surgery in New Zealand within a few months of Henry's departure. She bid her sister and many friends goodbye as she left for a new life with her beloved Henry in New Zealand, and finally became Mrs. Ramsay a few months later when she and Henry married.

Trivia Notes
• Rachel Friend won the 1990 Silver Logie for Most Popular Actress


Magic Moments
Episode 764: Bronwyn's Arrival

Episode 1144: Bronwyn's Departure

Biography by Moe