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Kerry Bishop 1989-1990
Lived: 24, 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Harold and Mavis Bishop
Marital Status: Joe Mangel (1989-1990)

Siblings: David
Children: Sky; Toby (adoptive)
Family Tree: Bishop/Mangel
Occupation: Advice Columnist, Child Carer, Salesperson
Died: 1990

Harold had early on made it clear that he and his daughter Kerry did not get along very well. She had different religious views compared with her father, and the pair hadn't spoken for years among other things. However, it all changed one day when Harold spotted, in the Coffee Shop, a bare-foot woman breastfeeding. Disapproving, Harold went up to tell the lady to stop, but was shocked to discover it was his daughter Kerry.

Kerry briefly moved into No. 24 with Harold and his wife, Madge. However, Kerry's living style didn't fit with strong Christian father Harold, who was shocked at how his daughter had turned out. Not only was she very anti-religious, but she also had a daughter Sky out of wedlock. Her living style was not all that bothered him though, as he was very annoyed when Kerry started seeing Joe Mangel, who Harold did not see fit as a suitable partner for his daughter.

After discovering Kerry had been in bed with Joe, Harold was up in flames. Kerry announced that she was leaving, but Harold apologised and asked that she stay, which she agreed to do. Her daughter, Sky, was bitten by a spider, but luckily she was rushed to hospital and recovered.

Kerry was an animal's activist, and most of the street labelled her a 'greenie'. She upset many residents, especially Paul, as Kerry would always seem to be able to find something at Lassiter's to protest or complain about.

Later on in the year, Joe and Kerry became engaged. However, it took a while for them to agree on the ceremony. Kerry wanted modern vows, and even had spiritual costumes for Joe and Toby to wear. However Joe wanted a traditional wedding with traditional vows. They did eventually come to an agreement, and the wedding looked set. Things were looking even better when Des agreed to share his wedding with Jane, who was 'temporarily' in England, with Kerry and Joe for a double wedding. However, Kerry became confused with her feelings when she fell for a recently returned Clive Gibbons. Des warned her not to break Joe's heart, and when she did tell Clive about her feelings, Clive said she wouldn't want to become involved with a man like him as he can't keep himself in stable relationships. In the end, Joe and Kerry married in a garden surrounded by butterflies.

In 1988, Mrs. Mangel, Joe's mother, had become "Dear George", an advice columnist. When Kerry received a letter addressed to Mrs Mangel (she thought it was for her), she discovered that they wanted Dear Georgette back. When she questioned Joe about it, he told her to steer clear of it as it only creates chaos. However, Kerry sent in a sample piece of advice and got the job. However, due to her 'different' views, she was changed to Dear George, as people would realise it isn't Georgette. However things turned sour when the residents of Ramsay Street wrote in. Kerry was distraught when Joe was angry over the reply to a letter he wrote in. After discovering Melanie and Bronwyn were on the hunt to find out who Dear George was, Kerry quit the job.

Paul once again upset Kerry after he planned to demolish a playground to build a new nightclub. After many protests, Paul threatened legal action. However it all blew over and they resolved their differences. Kerry later started up an after-school child caring centre. One of the children, Tiffany "Lochy" McLachlan, deliberately made up stories to her aunt, Dorothy Burke, so she could get out and away from her enemy Natasha. However the false stories escalated to much more when Dorothy planned to take Kerry's case to the Department of Childcare. In the end however, Lochy's guilt got the better of her and Kerry was let off.

Not long after, Toby was sent to live with his mother up in Darwin. However, in tragic circumstances Noelene was run over and killed. Toby returned to Erinsborough, but depressed. He distanced himself from everyone, even his best friend Lochy. Joe and Kerry tried everything they could to help him get over his depression but nothing they did could help. Toby soon met Tracey, the adopted daughter of Rosemary Daniels, who had also recently lost her mother. She, along with Toby's phycologist, helped Toby come to terms with his mother's death, and later she and Joe agreed to adopt Toby and Sky, respectively. In the end, Toby even learned to call Kerry "mum".

Kerry befriended neighbour Beverly, who was going through a sticky break up with Jim Robinson. Together they both discovered they were pregnant and became very close. Problems arose however when Kerry announced she wanted a home water birth. Beverly, being a doctor, tried to explain the dangers but Kerry didn't want to hear it, almost costing them their friendship. In the end they did agree to a water birth in a hospital. However their friendship was put to the test when Beverly had a tragic miscarriage. Beverly was upset and for a while didn't want to see Kerry, but the two made up in the end. Unfortunately, Beverly decided to leave Ramsay Street leaving Kerry alone.

Kerry's friend from the past, Amber showed up shortly before Beverly's departure. She brought out old personalities in Kerry, and told Kerry how commercialised she'd become. Joe did not like Amber as she was blunt and taking over Kerry's life. However, just as Kerry said he would, Joe learned to appreciate Amber. One day however, Amber mentioned that duck poachers were shooting out of season. Together, Kerry, Joe and Amber all went up to the marshes. Tragically, Kerry was shot by a stray bullet and died in hospital, also losing her baby. The whole event left the street devastated, especially Joe and Harold, the two people who were closest to her.

Trivia Notes
In 1985, Linda Hartley guest-starred as Gloria Slater for three episodes. In 2005, she returned in the guest role of Kerry lookalike, Gabrielle Walker
Linda's portrayal of Kerry won the Penguin award for Best Actor in A Drama Serial in 1989
In 2003, Linda returned to complete a voice-over, during which Sky read her mother's diary

888-1285, 4465, 4992

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