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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Daniel Clohesy Thomas Blackburne

Daniel Clohesy 2002, 2003, 2004
Parents: Edward
Occupation: Student

A friend of Boyd’s from Erinsborough High, the two boys started out as enemies when Daniel started ribbing Boyd about his new girlfriend, Heather. However, it quickly emerged that Daniel was just jealous of Boyd’s luck with the opposite sex and the pair struck up a friendship as Daniel asked for advice. Since Boyd’s new label as ‘school stud’ had led to the end of his relationship with Heather, Daniel decided to help him win her back. In order to impress her, they attempted to steal a sign from Heather Street. When a bruise appeared on Daniel’s face, he claimed that an older group of guys had attacked him. So when Boyd and Daniel saw them, they quickly turned and ran, complete with their stolen street sign. Unfortunately, Max found out about the stolen sign and told the boys to put it back, before arranging for a friend of his to make one up specially.

Meanwhile, Boyd was suspicious about the bruise on Daniel’s face. In the end, Daniel was forced to admit that his father, Edward, had hit him. While Boyd was concerned for his friend, there was little he could do until one night when it all got too much for Daniel and he turned up looking for a place to stay. Max had already been filled in by Boyd and went with Daniel to his home to collect a few things. Max explained to Edward what was going on and that he should probably get some professional help. With Daniel staying, Boyd managed to get up to a lot more mischief than usual. The pair of them found that they could spy on the Scully bathroom from Harold’s backyard and started ‘losing’ their cricket ball on a regular basis. When Harold caught them, they claimed to be bird-watching, so Harold spent the afternoon with them, showing them his ornithology books.

They were finally caught out by Max and grounded. Also while staying at the Scully house, Daniel found himself the object of Summer's affections. She even let him eat her cereal and was devastated when the time came for the guest to return home. It seemed that Edward had been having counselling and had made a real effort to change. Boyd and Daniel’s friendship remained strong after this and the pair got up to plenty more escapades – including spreading the rumour that Taj Coppin and Miss Kennedy had slept together. Daniel was also the catalyst for Boyd and Sky sleeping together when he started teasing his mate about his lack of progress with his girlfriend. Although Sky was unimpressed with the macho antics, Boyd decided that the time was right and set out to buy condoms.

Notes: Daniel’s abuse storyline formed part of a BBC season named Hitting Home, focusing on the topic of domestic abuse.

Episodes Featured
4131, 4136, 4141, 4146, 4151, 4152, 4157, 4158, 4163, 4165, 4166, 4167, 4172, 4175, 4176, 4180, 4297, 4422

Biography by Steve



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