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Heather Green 2002-2003
Occupation: Student

Whilst attending a camp for gifted children, Erinsborough High student Boyd Hoyland met Heather Green, who attended Eden Hills High. They started a secret relationship, which continued when they both returned home, but whilst Heather was at the Hoyland house one afternoon, Boyd’s younger sister Summer took a photo of them just as they were about to share their first kiss, and started blackmailing the young couple. Later, during another secret meeting at Lassiter’s lake, they finally managed to kiss and Boyd was soon on top of the world, showing off to his friends about his new woman and insinuating that they’d done more than just kiss. When Heather then turned up at Erinsborough High for a netball game, she was horrified to hear the rumours going around the school about her. When one of Boyd’s friends, Daniel Clohesy, then approached the young couple to ask about them ‘getting serious’, in an attempt to stir things up for Boyd, a disgusted Heather dumped him.

When Boyd tried to call and apologise, Heather refused to take his calls. An angry Boyd then announced to Daniel, and anyone else in the school corridor who was listening, that he hadn’t slept with Heather. When Boyd later saw Heather in the Coffee Shop, he told her what he’d done and she was impressed, telling him to give her a call. Before long, the pair were back together and enjoying dates at the cinema and at Karl and Susan Kennedy’s wedding reception.

Some weeks later, as their relationship was finally going smoothly, Heather asked Boyd to accompany her to her school formal, and he reluctantly agreed. But she grew frustrated with his lack of interest in their outfits and plans and started threatening to take a ‘hot’ guy from her school, Liam, instead. Boyd quickly snapped out of it but ruined things again when he mentioned to his dad, Max, about a secret post-formal party at one of the kids’ houses. Max promptly called their parents to ask about it and the party was cancelled so, to save face, Boyd offered to move it to his house, even talking Max into allowing it. The party went well, despite Max’s discomfort with Boyd and Heather kissing and, the next day, she stayed to help with the tidying but had to endure one of Boyd’s bad moods, as he was furious that he dad had officially got together with younger neighbour Steph Scully.

Over the following weeks, Boyd’s behaviour, and desire to lash out, got worse and, when he accompanied Heather and a couple of her friends to Lassiter’s restaurant for her birthday meal, he started acting up, being rude to Taj, the waiter, and throwing food. When Taj then threw them out, Heather told Boyd that he was just a stupid kid, and dumped him again. In a desperate act to impress her, he then stole Toadie Rebecchi’s car from the garage and drove to her house, but Heather’s patience had worn out and she told him that she wasn’t stupid enough to get into a stolen car with an underage driver. Boyd then proceeded to crash the car and, weeks later, started a new relationship with Sky Mangel.

Trivia Notes
• Megan Harrington is the real-life daughter of Kevin Harrington, who portrayed Neighbours' David Bishop

Biography by Steve



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