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Travis Dean 2004

When Boyd Hoyland managed to land some work putting up posters around the neighbourhood, little did he realise just how territorial the other workers would be. When he covered up some other posters, Boyd, along with Stingray Timmins, found himself being threatened by an older guy named Travis Dean. Travis warned Boyd to stay off his patch, and that if he caught him again, he’s seriously regret it. Boyd, already having problems with girlfriend, Sky Mangel, wasn’t about to let Travis scare him. Despite Stingray’s concerns, he decided to continue posting in the same place. When Travis caught him a second time, Boyd was left with some nasty injuries, which he managed to pass off as a skateboarding accident.

This altercation turned things into a war between Boyd and Travis, with Boyd carrying a metal bar in his bag as protection. When Travis caught them for a third time, Boyd punched him in the stomach and did a runner. Boyd thought he’d finally got one over on Travis, until he found that his sister, Summer had been threatened at school, and decided that things had gone too far. Having owned up to his father about what was going on, Boyd found out that someone else had started covering up Travis’ posters. Travis saw Boyd as the most obvious culprit and threw a Molotov cocktail through the Hoylands’ kitchen window. Nobody was injured, but Boyd was determined that Travis would be caught. When he and Summer saw Travis on their way home from school, Boyd managed to get into the back of his ute without being spotted, and soon found himself hiding out behind Travis’ house.

Summer managed to alert their father, Max, and the police were called. Boyd managed to get footage on his phone of Travis admitting to throwing the Molotov cocktail, but it all went wrong when Travis let his Rottweiler, Satan, loose in the garden. Boyd was forced to climb a tree to escape, while Travis and his mates threw food at him. Fortunately, using the information Boyd had passed on down the phone, Stuart Parker managed to track Boyd down and rescue him. In the confrontations that followed, Travis ended up with a bloody nose, and accused Stuart of police brutality, taking on Toadie Rebecchi as his lawyer.

Several weeks later, when Stuart displayed real courage during an armed robbery at Pacific Bank, Toadie managed to talk Travis into dropping the charges.

Notes: In 2001, Adrian Foley played the role of Luke Dawson.

Biography by Steve



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