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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Genevieve 'Eva' Doyle Lulu McClatchy

Genevieve [Eva Destruction] Doyle 2005
Occupation: Teacher, Singer, Wrestler

When lawyer Toadfish Rebecchi took up wrestling under the name, The Lawman, it wasn’t long before he became part of a tag team with Genevieve Doyle, aka Eva Destruction. There was an instant spark of attraction between Toadie and primary school teacher Eva, but despite her frequent come ons, he was reluctant to get involved with her. During a picnic together, the chemistry between them was obvious, but as the vivacious Eva moved in for a kiss, Toadie didn’t want to take things any further. As his friends came to the realisation that it was because Eva wasn’t stick thin and vacuous like his previous girlfriends, Toadie began to wonder if he was really that shallow. He realised that he was letting his prejudices get in the way of what could be his perfect relationship and so, he and Eva shared their very first kiss in public and he announced to her that he would be proud to be her boyfriend.

Having got these initial problems out of the way, Eva was horrified when, following a double date with Toadie’s boss, Tim Collins and his girlfriend, Molly, she overheard Tim telling Toadie to dumb the “beached whale” as she wasn’t a good look for a young lawyer. Eva pointed out to Toadie that he hadn’t exactly rushed to her defence and that he needed to work out exactly what he wanted from their relationship. However, both Toadie and Tim were in for a shock when Eva performed at the grand opening of The Scarlet Bar. Amazed by her singing, Toadie was suddenly very proud to call this woman his girlfriend, even in front of some important business clients, and Tim was made to eat his words.

When Eva went for an audition for a regular gig in a jazz club later that day, she told Toadie that it was just a formality, as they’d already heard her tape. However, when she returned, Toadie was surprised to find out that they hadn’t hired her as her image wasn’t right for them – in other words, she was too fat. Toadie was appalled and offered to help her sue them, but she wasn’t keen on the idea of being a poster girl for over-sized women. Toadie managed to convince her that it would be worth it if they won, so she agreed to go along with his plan and they were both delighted when she won the case and a regular gig. However, she didn’t have much time to enjoy her victory, as Eva was offered a place on a wrestling tour of Australia. She asked Toadie to join her and he was eager to go, until he found out that it was for a year and he’d be giving up his whole life, including the job he’d worked so hard for. In the end, Eva decided to go alone, taking along Connor O’Neill’s disillusioned girlfriend, Carmella, as her publicist. Toadie and Eva agreed that they would try to stay loyal and if, in a year’s time, they still wanted to be together then it would be worth the wait.

Notes: Lulu McClatchy previously guest-starred in 1994 as Karyn, who had her 21st birthday at Chez Chez.

To read our interview with Lulu McClatchy, click here.

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