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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Corey Helpmann Cameron MacDonald

Corey Helpmann 2005

When Erinsborough newcomer Ned Parker decided to follow his dreams and audition for a musical being written and directed by Gino Esposito, his only competition for the lead role was Corey Helpmann. Corey quickly picked up on the fact that Gino fancied him and used it to his advantage, making it seem like he might be in with a chance if he got the role. Soon enough, Corey was the lead and Ned was pushed into the background, with Gino even rewriting the musical so the entire thing centred around Corey. However, when Ned overheard Corey on the phone to his girlfriend, he confronted him and made a scene. Gino refused to listen at first, but then decided to check and asked Corey to press redial on his phone. When he refused, Gino had the proof he needed and Corey was given the sack.

Notes: Cameron MacDonald previously guest-starred as Dave Gorman in 2001.

Biography by Steve



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