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Character Profiles > Faye Hudson Lorraine Bayly

Faye Hudson (née Willis) 1991-1992
Lived: 28, 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Bert Willis
Marital Status: Kevin Hudson (deceased)
Siblings: Doug
Children: Cameron
Family Tree: Hudson/Willis

Fussy, snobby and interfering, Faye Willis was brought up with big brother Doug - or "Douggie" as she affectionately called him - by their mother after their father Bert walked out on them as kids.

Faye married Kevin Hudson and was the perfect wife, who was an ardent member of committees and fundraising boards. The couple had one son, Cameron, who was always a high achiever at school - much to the delight of the proud Faye. When Cameron successfully completed his HSC and studied law at university, Faye was thrilled at the prospect of being able to tell the neighbours that her son was a lawyer. But Faye was shattered when her beloved Kevin died and left her a widow. Faye was left a substantial amount of money in Kevin's will, meaning that she would never have to work. But having become bored at home on her own - she and Cameron had fallen out and he moved away - Faye decided to sell up and move in with her cousin Cyril. However, Cyril could only take so much of Faye's domineering and meddling ways and he suggested she visit brother Doug and his family in Erinsborough for a while.

Faye caused an immediate stir when her cab pulled up on Ramsay Street - the first thing she did was tell young Toby Mangel off for playing with snails, despite the fact that he was actually being paid by Doug to collect them all from the garden. The Willis family, meanwhile, were less than pleased with the arrival of their meddling aunt - especially her niece and nephew, Gaby and Brad, who desperately tried to avoid spending any time with her. Faye also caused trouble with next door neighbour Dorothy Burke when she learnt of her plans to construct a gazebo in her back garden which would block the sun from getting to Doug's vegetable patch. And Doug's wife, Pam, was also annoyed by Faye's presence due to her putdowns of Pam's decor and way of doing things around the household. Faye, of course, was oblivious to all of this and stayed on at No. 28 longer than she had originally intended.

When Doug introduced her to a work mate of his from the building site, Nev Cusack, Faye fell head over heels in love. The Willis family were quite surprised that a snob like Faye would even want to talk to someone in such a 'working class job' but Faye loved Nev and they even went away together on holiday within days of meeting each other. The Willis household was a much quieter place in her absence, but that peace and quiet was shattered when Faye returned fresh faced and full of energy and enthusiasm announcing she and Nev had got engaged. Faye then immersed herself in wedding preparations and chose an outrageous fluffy blue wedding outfit, while leaving her matron of honour, Pam, in an unflattering, frumpy piece. However, on the morning of the wedding, Nev got cold feet and called the whole thing off. Faye was inconsolable and the Willises' were equally unhappy because the collapse of the impending nuptials meant that Faye would be staying on at No. 28.

However, after Faye invited Doug's childhood sweetheart, Alexandra Lomax, to stay for a few days, she pushed Pam one step too far, and after telling Pam that Doug had only married her on the rebound because he had been dumped by Alexandra, Pam was furious. Doug was forced to ask Faye to leave, and was taken aback when she didn't put up much of a fight. However, the family soon realised why Faye didn't complain about the request when it turned out she was only moving two doors down to rent No. 32 from Helen Daniels.

Faye then set her sights on neighbour Jim Robinson and did everything she could to seduce him. When Jim realised Faye was after him, he asked Dorothy Burke to pose as his lover in order to brush Faye off. Believing Jim to be off limits, Faye moved on to Lou Carpenter but soon had to turn her attentions to family matters when estranged son Cameron arrived in Ramsay Street. They managed to make their peace and Cameron moved into No. 32 with his mum.

When Gaby opened a fashion boutique at Lassiter's, Faye began to constantly interfere in the running of the business. Her help ended up causing the demise of the business when Faye's actions meant Gaby had to close the store for good. While closing up for Gaby one night, Faye forgot to unplug the electric heater, which caused the shop to burn down. At first, Faye remained tight-lipped about her part in the fire, but seeing how devastated Gaby was by the turn of events forced Faye into owning up. Gaby was furious with her meddling aunt, and lashed out at her. But the worst was yet to come for Faye. The insurance company decided to sue Faye, and unable to face being embarrassed and humiliated in front of all the neighbours - or indeed, part with any of her money - Faye did a runner in the middle of the night, without telling the family were she was going. However, Faye went on to send a few postcards and call occasionally, and was last heard to be in Paris.

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Biography by Moe