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Cameron Hudson 1992-1993
Lived: 24, 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Kevin and Faye Hudson
Family Tree: Hudson
Occupation: Lawyer, Journalist, Stand-up Comedian

The only son of Faye and Kevin Hudson, Cameron Hudson made his mother proud when he became a lawyer. But following his father's death, Cameron fell out with Faye and left home.

When his aunt Pam Willis was accused of murdering Garth Kirby, Cameron arrived in Erinsborough to defend her. Having successfully proved his aunt's innocence, Cameron set about mending fences with Faye, who had moved into No. 32 Ramsay Street a few doors away from the rest of the Willis family. Having made their peace, Faye invited Cameron to live with her at No. 32 although shortly after she left town, and Beth Brennan moved in with Cameron to help with the rent.

Romance had always been a difficult aspect of Cameron's life. He had already been strung along by Lucy Robinson in order to make his cousin Brad - the real object of Lucy's affections jealous. Shortly afterwards, while looking for furniture for number 32, he found an old sofa left out on the street. However, when he got it home, he found a note under the cushions from someone claiming that they had been kidnapped. However, when he went back to the house to get to the bottom of the problem, he met glamorous Jacqueline Summers and realised that the note had been a prank by young Amanda Morgan, who Jacqueline was looking after for a friend. When Cameron found out that Jacqueline had been framed for a robbery by her old boss, he agreed to represent her. He attempted to keep a professional distance while acting as her lawyer, despite the obvious attraction between them, but they soon gave in to the sexual tension between them and shared a kiss. When Jacqueline was found innocent in court, the pair ended up sleeping together, but fate was against them. First, Cameron found out that he could be facing legal proceedings of his own, for getting involved with a client then Jacqueline realised that he hadn't been completely convinced of her innocence during the court case and, rather than live with a lack of trust between them, she walked out of his life for good.

Cam and Beth were forced to find new accommodation when their landlady Helen Daniels needed No. 32 for her granddaughter and her family to live in. But luckily they didn't have to move far - just across the road, in fact, to lodge with Lou Carpenter at No. 24. It was here that Cameron met and fell for Lou's daughter, Lauren. But unbeknown to Cameron, Lauren was sleeping with Brad - who by now was engaged to Beth. In order to throw Beth off the scent, Lauren gave in to Cameron's relentless attempts at getting her to go out with him and they started seeing each other.

When Cameron was blackmailed into becoming a lawyer for local villain Gavin Heywood, Cameron's life was threatened when he learnt too much about Heywood's dirty dealings and Heywood's henchmen threatened to throw him down an empty lift shaft. The only way Cameron could free himself was to get some information on the crook to bargain with. It worked and Cameron decided to change careers and became a journalist for the Erinsborough News. However, after again becoming disillusioned, Cameron surprised everyone by pursuing a new career as a stand-up comedian, even finding himself a manager. But his love life was shattered when he discovered the truth about Lauren and Brad. Cameron was so sickened with Lauren and his cousin that he left Erinsborough suddenly and lost contact with all in Ramsay Street.

Trivia Notes
Benjamin Mitchell previously appeared in 1989, as a Coffee Shop customer who ordered a steak, despite Kerry Bishop's attempts to get him to order vegetarian. He also played the role of Brad Willis (Cameron's cousin) briefly in 1989, before the role was taken over in 1991 by Scott Michaelson. He returned in 2008 as Matt Freedman Click here to read our interview with Ben


Biography by Moe