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Terry Kearney 2010
Occupation: Theatre Producer

After winning an audition for a musical theatre production, aspiring dancer Kate Ramsay met eccentric producer Terry Kearney. Though Terry was very impressed with Kate's audition, lead dancer Candace Carey immediately felt threatened, suggesting that Kate wasn't good enough, but was soon overruled by Terry. When Candace then humiliated her in front of the other dancers and suggested that she should quit, Kate tried to ignore her, and when Terry then learnt from Candace that Kate had resigned from the production, he found her and asked her to change her mind. Candace's lies then backfired even more, when Terry offered Kate the lead in order to get her to stay. At the next run through, Candace sabotaged Kate's shoes, and the heel snapped during the performance, leaving Kate with a sprained ankle. Terry was concerned that he'd have to give the lead back to Candace, but Kate insisted that she could still perform, and gave Terry a quick demonstration. He was satisfied, but backstage, Kate's ankle continued to get worse, but she managed to get through rehearsals, despite Candace's attempts to bump her off the stage. This time, however, Terry noticed what Candace was doing, and fired her, but after learning that Candace was a single mum with a young son, Kate met with Terry and asked him to give Candace her job back, pointing out that she'd have to learn to deal with these sorts of personality clashes if she was going to make it as a dancer. Terry agreed with that, and gave Candace her job back, but the gesture did little to end the bitching between the two girls.

Several weeks later, Terry's production was over, and Kate was continuing in her quest to become a professional dancer. After bumping into Candace one day, she realised that her rival had found some new work and managed to get a peek when Candace was taking a call and writing down the details. After a successful audition, however, Kate was shocked to learn that her new job was actually a lot more risque than she was used to, performing seductive routines for the men in a gentleman's club. With her love of dance rapidly fading, and after finding out that Terry was struggling to keep any of his strong dancers, now that the production was over, she came up with a plan. After gathering Terry and some of the girls back together, the dance troupe performed at a business lunch at the bar. It proved to be a big success, but then Kate was approached and offered some solo dancing work, which she almost turned down until Terry told her that she'd never make it if she put loyalty ahead of employment.

Things still weren't going very well for Terry, however, as a couple of weeks later, the only work he'd been able to find for Kate and the rest of the troupe was a children's party. After mentioning that she was glad she had her teaching career to fall back on, Kate had the idea to use Terry to inspire other young aspiring dancers - but the plan failed miserably, when they met with Kate's young neighbour Ben, and Terry told him not to bothering with dancing, as it would end up ruining his life. Realising how depressed Terry had become, Kate tried to find ways to cheer him up, and when she realised that he had a crush on Lyn Scully, she considered trying to get them together, but then decided that a more likely friendship might happen with Lou Carpenter, as both men could do with more friends. Unfortunately, both Terry and Lou got the wrong end of the stick, believing that they were being set up on a blind date with a woman, then ended up arguing about Lyn, with Lou failing to believe that anyone could actually find the woman attractive. With the friendship with Lou a non-started, Terry pestered Kate to try and get him a date with Lyn - and though he was delighted to score an invitation to the wedding taking place between Lyn's daughter Steph and Toadie, he was disappointed as Lyn had no time to spend with him during the reception.

The following week, Terry continued to spend time at Lyn's store, and when more people began to realise that he had a crush on her, they helped to engineer it so that Terry ended up helping her out for the day. His help proved to be more of a hindrance, and Lyn ended up snapping at him that a child would be more use to her, before being made to feel guilty about what she'd done. Later that day, she tracked down Terry and agreed to go on a date with him - but only if he stopped randomly popping up everywhere she went. The following day, the date got off to a bad start, as Lyn was embarrassed to be seen with Terry and beginning to wonder if she'd made a big mistake, as they were so different. She made it clear that she wasn't looking for a relationship with him, and they could only be friends for the moment, then ended up having to climb into his car when the door got stuck. Lyn was a little bemused when he then took her to a rock climbing wall for their date, but ended up having a wonderful time. The following week, she and Terry spent some time with her friends, and it seemed that Lyn was truly starting to enjoy his company, telling everyone that they were going on a lunch 'date'. Unfortunately, the relationship then came to an abrupt halt before it had really begun, as Terry was offered a job as resident choreographer on a cruise ship, leaving to start rehearsals the next day. After telling Lyn, he asked her to come with him - at first, she agreed, excited at the opportunity, but soon began to wonder if she was giving him the right impression, and whether he would see this as some sort of commitment to him. She later told Terry that she couldn't go, as she had too many ties to Erinsborough, and he left, disappointed but grateful that she'd made him believe in himself again. Before leaving, Terry thanked Kate for everything, and asked her to take over the dance troupe, an offer which she reluctantly accepted.

5855, 5856, 5857, 5926, 5935, 5944, 5947, 5951, 5952, 5957, 5958

Biography by Steve