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Chris Wayne Knight 2008
Died: 2008

When the Eastside Dingoes football team were running trials, one of those accepted for the senior team was local Chris Knight. As Chris introduced himself to everyone, he took a shine to Bridget, assistant coach and daughter of senior coach Steve Parker. But as Chris mentioned to new team mates Declan Napier and Ringo Brown that he thought Bridget would be hot if she made more of an effort with her appearance, they failed to see the funny side, telling him that she was a good friend. Before long, it emerged that Chris had once dated Taylah Jordan, the girlfriend of Zeke, a member of the Dingoes and Chris then caused further problems when he gatecrashed a party being held for Ringo's 18th, and he and his friends threw food around and caused a fight to break out.

After hurriedly driving home following an argument with his adoptive aunt, and lover, Nicola, Bridget's brother, Riley accidentally hit Chris’ dog, Larry. Larry was taken to the vet's surgery where Steve treated his injuries. Bridget agreed to hold the fort at the surgery while Steve and the rest of the Parkers went to grab something to eat and during this time, Chris Knight visited to find out the latest on his dog. She allowed Chris to see Larry and the pair soon started chatting, with Chris apologising to Bridget for his behaviour at Ringo’s party and then invited her to go for a coffee with him sometime. The pair started to regularly see each other as he kept visiting Larry and she started to take a shine to him, so much so that she asked him to go to the school formal with her. Chris accepted the invitation but Bridget wanted to keep news of her formal date a secret from her parents, so when Nicola then saw the two together, she agreed to keep Bridget’s secret from Steve and Miranda.

Whilst at the formal, Chris gave Bridget a necklace, but when Taylah noticed he was there with Bridget, Zeke wanted to do something about it. Earlier, Taylah had revealed to Zeke that Chris had forced her into a serious, physical relationship; something that at the time, she didn’t want. Steve then saw Chris and Bridget together as well and along with Zeke they all confronted Bridget about being with him. However, Bridget and Chris ignored them all and left the formal early to go to a hotel room. There, they started kissing but when Chris started to get a little more serious and wanted to take it further, Bridget ran away. As everyone began to worry about Bridget’s safety she soon returned home and brushed off any incident with Chris claiming that he’d just dumped her because she was a kid.

The following morning, Ty and Libby were enjoying a picnic at Lassiter’s park, but when Ty threw the Frisbee into the bushes, Libby came across Chris Knight lying unconscious. Chris was taken to hospital with serious injuries and the police started questioning all those that were at the formal. Bridget admitted to Steve that Chris had chased after her when she’d ran away from the hotel room and then revealed that she pushed him out of the way, not realising that he may have been seriously injured after his fall. Fearing his daughter would be in serious trouble with the police, Steve decided to take the fall for her and admitted that he was the one who’d hurt Chris Knight. As Steve and Bridget both give the police completely different statements about the night of the formal, Bridget decided to visit Chris in hospital, lying to the nurse that she was his cousin, but Dr Karl noticed that Bridget was in the room so decided to phone Steve to pick her up. As Bridget began talking to Chris she apologised to him for pushing him over, but was then horrified when Chris woke up and grabbed her hand. As Bridget struggled, Steve arrived just in time and pulled Bridget free from Chris’ grasp, warning the injured man not to tell the police the truth if they asked. Later, Chris’ health began to deteriorate and, during surgery, he died from his injuries and Steve was arrested for murder.

Steve continued to lie to the police in order to take the fall and to protect Bridget and ended up getting sentenced to 5 years in prison, despite Bridget’s protests in the courtroom that she’d done it.

Biography by Edd