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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Danielle Marks Maureen Andrew

Dr Danielle Marks 2002
Occupation: Doctor at Erinsborough & District Hospital

A member of the Erinsborough and District Hospital board, Dr. Danielle Marks was the spokesperson when Penny Watts reported an affair she’d been having with her doctor, Darcy Tyler, as an act of revenge for him cheating with her sister, Sindi. However, after a positive reference from Darcy’s boss and uncle, Karl Kennedy, he received a suspended sentence for unprofessional conduct. He was also required to have a female chaperone in attendance during any consultations with female patients and to undergo counselling. However, Darcy’s reputation was already ruined and things only got worse a few weeks later when he won a holiday in a raffle at the Medical Ball, where Dr Marks was also in attendance, and he was heckled by the staff, wondering which patient he’d take on the trip with him.

Notes: Maureen Andrew previously appeared in 1997 as teacher Ms Killalee, in 1998 as Genie Florence and in 2000 as Aggie Lyons.

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