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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Jacinta Martin Eliza Cotter

Jacinta Martin 2003
Occupation: Student, Paper Delivery Girl

When Summer Hoyland scored a new after-school job delivering newspapers, little did she realise the trouble she was getting herself into. A girl, Jacinta Martin, a couple of years older from the neighbouring school, Eden Hills High, decided that she wanted Summerís delivery round for herself and would go to any lengths to get it. Summer quickly found herself being threatened by Jacinta, who also stole the papers and made anonymous complaints to try and lose Summer the job. Summer tried to keep the problem to herself and simply ignore Jacinta, but in the end, she confided in her older brother, Boyd. Boyd was touched that his sister had chosen to talk to him and agreed to help Summer get one over on Jacinta. Their first plan was to leave dog mess on her doorstep as a warning, but when this only succeeded in making Jacinta more vindictive, they decided to involve some adults.

Boyd and Summer wrote a letter to Jacintaís parents, explaining what their daughter had been getting up to. Unfortunately for them, Jacinta got to the letter first and read it, replying with an even more threatening one, directed at Summer. For a while, Summer convinced Boyd to deliver the papers to the street where Jacinta lived, but it didnít stop the threats. Summer was on the verge of giving in to Jacinta altogether, until she mentioned the problem to Boydís girlfriend, Heather Green. Heather also attended Eden Hills High and knew Jacinta, as she had quite a reputation around the school. When Jacinta came into the Coffee Shop one day and started threatening Summer again, Heather quickly stepped in and warned Jacinta to keep away, threatening to re-start some old rumours about Jacinta and ringworm. Jacinta was finally beaten and she told them all that they were losers anyway, before beating a hasty retreat.

Notes: Eliza Cotter returned to Neighbours in 2005 (under the name Eliza Taylor-Cotter) in the regular role of Janae Timmins.

Biography by Steve



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