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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Mrs Forster Joy Westmore

Mrs Forster 1991

An important investor at the Robinson Corporation, Paul was determined to keep Mrs Forster happy, whatever it took. When her dog, Oscar, died, Paul arranged for Adam Willis and Caroline Alessi to accompany her to the funeral. At first, Adam and Caroline only went along with the plan to help Paul out, but as the day progressed, they realised how painful it was for Mrs Forster, especially when Adam read out her moving eulogy at the pet cemetary. Afterwards, the three of them went back to the Waterhole and made a toast to Oscar, while Mrs Forster was only too happy to sign the papers that would continue her investment for another year. Having got to know Mrs Forster, Adam decided that he wanted to do something to cheer her up after such a difficult day, so, that evening, he and Caroline went to her home and presented her with a new poodle, with which she was delighted.

Notes: Joy Westmore returned to Neighbours in 2003 to play Dee’s grandmother, Nancy Bliss.

Biography by Steve



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