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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Angela Patrick Louise Siversen

Angela Patrick 2001
Occupation: Lawyer

During the custody case – between Lou Carpenter and John Allen – over Louise Carpenter, John was represented by Angela Patrick. Angela quickly focused on the negative aspects of Lou’s lifestyle – the fact that he was a single father and ran a pub, not to mention having three broken marriages and little contact with his other children – to secure custody for John. She then brought up a painkiller addiction that Lou had gone through earlier in the year to discredit him, questioning Lou’s good friends, Karl and Susan Kennedy, on Louise’s upbringing. Although Angela attempted to then provoke Lou as he appeared on the stand, he went on to make a moving speech about the difficulties he had faced and the fact that Louise had turned into a very well-adjusted young girl. Ultimately though, judge Bill Bains opted to give custody to John, Louise’s biological father.

Trivia Notes
• Louise Siversen previously appeared in 1988 as nanny Carol Barker

Biography by Steve



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