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Caroline Perkins 2012, 2013
Occupation: Lassiter's Hotel Receptionist, Reception Manager

With problems emerging in his secret affair with Priya Kapoor, hotel owner Paul Robinson propositioned his new receptionist, Caroline, suggesting that they go to the penthouse suite with a bottle of champagne. When Caroline quickly agreed, Paul was disappointed, realising that he preferred the thrill of the chase and telling Caroline to forget about it.

Several months later, flighty Caroline was annoying the hotel's new manager Terese, who felt that her pretty face and flirty banter with Paul had got her the promotion to reception manager, but Paul was conveniently ignoring Caroline's laziness. Paul soon found a use for Caroline though, when he asked her to give a statement about a recent robbery at the hotel and how it had impacted on her. Mason Turner, the boyfriend of Paul's niece Kate was due in court for a hearing over the robbery, and Paul was determined to see him put in prison, but was pretending that he and his lawyer Tim Collins were on Mason's side. Buying Caroline expensive presents to keep her on side, Paul felt that his plan was working, and that, during the hearing, Caroline would give a negative statement, sealing Mason's fate. But rival lawyer, and friend of the Turner family, Toadie became suspicious when he got chatting to Caroline and realised that she didn't even know who he was, never mind working with him on her statement. Realising that Paul had ulterior motives, Toadie went to the Turners and convinced Mason to dump Tim as his lawyer - Toadie then went on to represent Mason at his hearing the next day, and he was given a three-year good behaviour bond.

When Terese continued to find Caroline slacking off at work, she gave her a final warning. Caroline was quick to complain to Paul, and remind him that she was prepared to lie in court for him, and he assured her that he'd fix the situation, putting his hand on her leg in the process. But when Terese then caught Caroline being rude to some guests, and realised that she'd been drinking during her lunch break, she was forced to fire her. Caroline quickly retaliated by asking Toadie to represent her in a sexual harassment case against Paul, claiming that he'd made more than one improper advance towards her during her time working at the hotel. When Paul refused to make a settlement, and Caroline started to realise that the facts didn't paint her in a very good light, she panicked and went to see Paul, begging him to give her a lower cash settlement. This plan failed, and Caroline caused further problems when talking to Toadie's partner Ajay about her bill, putting her hand on his leg and suggesting that they find another way to pay it. Though Toadie and Ajay agreed that they'd let the incident slide, putting it down to a stupid mistake on Caroline's part, proceedings came to an abrupt end when Caroline was told that she'd be given her out-of-court settlement. She found out that it had been Terese who had pushed the settlement through - the two woman later met up, and Caroline admitted that she'd probably been a little at fault with some of her behaviour, and Terese told her that she had sympathy for her, as she'd once been in a similar situation with a male colleague, but she'd let things go too far.

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Biography by Steve