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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Go-Go Riley Kate Cole

[Georgina] Go-Go Riley 2005
Occupation: Owner of Go Go Boys Courier Company

Stingray Timmins met brash, no-nonsense Go-Go Riley when he applied for a job at her courier company, Go-Go Boys. Although it was Go-Gos style to flirt with her young, pink lycra-clad couriers, Stingray was shocked when she smacked him on the backside and made suggestive remarks. At first, he wondered if she was genuinely interested in him and, on the advice of Lou Carpenter, he confronted her. Go-Go was amused and mocked Stingray, at which point he realised that he was wrong but, as the sexual harassment continued, and not wanting to quit his job, he decided that something would have to be done. After seeking the advice of his friend Susan Smith as well as his cousin, lawyer Toadie Rebecchi, and with the support of his younger sister, Bree, Stingray confronted Go-Go, threatening to sue her. Unfortunately for Stingray, Go-Go was completely unaffected by his threats. Things only got worse as Stingray attempted to get some support from the other couriers, who were too afraid to say anything for fear for losing their jobs.

As time went on, Stingray realised that he was receiving less and less shifts. Once again, he confronted Go-Go, who challenged him to make a difficult delivery in record time. Once hed done this, she calmly explained that she had no other work for him, and Stingray finally snapped, resulting in Go-Go firing him. He promptly announced that he was quitting anyway and headed home to his cash-strapped family. As he watched his mum, Janelle, look for a second job to pay off her credit card debts, he realised that the perfect solution was staring them in the face; by setting up their own courier service they could make money and get revenge on Go-Go at the same time. Speed Freaks was born and, after a few weeks, Go-Go turned up in Ramsay Street and confronted Janelle about the poaching of her customers. They realised that the local patch was only big enough for one courier business, so Janelle proposed a bike race to decide, with the loser packing up and moving on. Go-Go agreed and the course was set up, although the Timmins kids were concerned as their mother hadnt ridden a bike in years.

However, although Go-Go easily beat Janelle, as she stood only feet away from the finish line laughing at Stingray, Janelle suddenly appeared, unable to work the brakes, bursting past Go-Go and ended up winning. Janelle then wasted no time in publicly telling Go-Go to take her couriers and go. A few weeks later, Go-Go returned to see Janelle and offered to buy Speed Freaks. After a brief period of negotiation, Janelle was bought out for $25,000.

Biography by Steve



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