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Dr Brian Rode 2009
Occupation: CEO of Erinsborough & District Hospital

When Susan Kennedy volunteered to become a surrogate for her daughter Libby and son-in-law Daniel, numerous health checks took place before the IVF process was allowed to begin. However, it wasn't long before their plans were blocked by hospital CEO Brian Rode, who was infamous for his anti-IVF stance, and when the surrogacy story broke in the local newspaper and their was a public outcry, he found it to be the perfect excuse to end the whole procedure. The Kennedys were not about to let the matter rest, however, and arranged to meet with Brian, along with their lawyers, to discuss the matter. However, when the Kennedys' lawyer Toadie lost his temper with his old enemy, rival Tim Collins, the meeting ended prematurely, and it looked like Libby and Dan had lost their final chance for a baby of their own.

The following week, Toadie tried to change the hospital's mind again, pointing out that their decision was legally flawed and that the surrogacy had already been approved on medical grounds. Dr Rode, however, mentioned that he was aware of various scandals in the Kennedy family's past, and things could get ugly for them if the fight became public. When new mum Bridget Parker heard about the decision, she arranged for lots of other mums in the area to join her at the hospital for a protest. Dr Rode was horrified but unable to stop them, violently pointing his finger at Bridget's face before leaving. Luckily, Susan managed to get a photo of this incident, which she and Toadie took to a meeting with Brian, warning him that they would use it on the front page of the newspaper, providing some bad publicity for the hospital. Brian wasn't prepared to be intimidated and told them to go ahead with the article, so Susan took it to her boss at the newspaper, Paul, who was preparing to publish when the hospital reversed its decision and agreed to go ahead with the IVF treatment, provided that all photos from the protest were handed over.

Episodes Featured
5723, 5728, 5729

Biography by Steve