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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Gwen Simpson Marie Redshaw

Gwen Simpson 1985
Siblings: Helen and Laura

A mysterious falling-out in their childhood has left sisters Gwen and Helen Simpson estranged for many years. Although Helenís family, the Robinsons, knew of Gwenís existence, Helen never spoke of her, let alone did anyone meet her. However, never missing a chance to interfere where she wasnít wanted, Helenís granddaughter, Julie, decided to write and invite Gwen to Paul and Terryís wedding.

From the moment Gwen arrived in Erinsborough, Helen made sure to avoid her, and took her anger out on Julie for meddling in a situation that she didnít understand. When the wedding day arrived, Helen managed to keep out of Gwenís way for most of the reception. Gwen managed to speak to Helen's son-in-law, Jim, however, and told him of her deep regret at not knowing what her sister was really like. Julie, meanwhile, assured a disbelieving Gwen that Helen was a very reasonable woman and would be prepared to listen. During a quiet moment, Gwen suggested to her sister that they go out for lunch the following day, but Helen insisted that she would be busy.

In wasnít until the wedding speeches later in the day that Gwen finally got to have her say. As Shane Ramsay finished reading the telegrams, and Jim completed his speech, the groom, Paul, thanked everyone and then thanked his mysterious Aunt Gwen for coming. She chose that moment to explain to everyone that her biggest regret was that she didnít know her sister. She then revealed to everyone the reason why; at school, Helen had been accused of theft and expelled. Gwen, the real culprit, had allowed her sister to take the blame. With this secret no longer hanging over their heads, the sisters finally took each otherís hands for the first time in 40 years, and the rift was healed.

Biography by Steve



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