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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Ashley Thomas Amielle Lemaire

Ashley Thomas 2005
Born: 2005
Parents: Kayla Thomas and Anthony Johnson

Before she’d even been born, Ashley Thomas potential parents had changed several times. The daughter of homeless Kayla Thomas, Ashley was due to be adopted by Max and Stephanie Hoyland. However, following the birth, Max’s son, Boyd, realised that Kayla desperately wanted to keep her child and put himself forward as a prospective partner to her and father to Ashley. Kayla happily accepted, and the three of them stayed at the Hoyland house, despite the heartache it caused, particularly to Steph, as they had nowhere else to go. However, the decision proved too much for everyone and, as Boyd and Kayla decided to find a place of their own, Max and Steph were struck off the adoption list since they had allowed Kayla and Ashley to stay with them.

With so much turmoil around her, Kayla decided that it would be best for everyone if she left. After saying a painful goodbye to her daughter, Kayla disappeared, leaving Steph to look after Ashley. Although having her own baby was Steph’s dream, she realised that they’d have to track Kayla down and talk some sense into her. The Hoylands eventually found Kayla at the home of Anthony Johnson, Ashley’s father and the man that Kayla claimed had dumped her when he found out she was pregnant. When Kayla saw Steph on her doorstep, holding Ashley, she begged her to leave, finally admitting that Anthony knew nothing about Ashley and she was scared of how he might react. The Hoylands refused to leave and soon Anthony came outside and asked what was going on. Kayla was forced to admit the truth to her boyfriend, who was delighted to find out that he was a father and promised to look after his baby daughter. And so, despite the turbulent first few weeks of her life, it looked like Ashley would have a settled upbringing.

Biography by Steve



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