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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Charlie Thorpe Katrina Baylis

Charlie Thorpe 1999
Lived: 30 Ramsay Street
Occupation: Student

When Toadie Rebecchi picked up the wrong dog from the pound and lost Bob, he looked everywhere, eventually spotting a woman in the park, walking a dog that was the spitting image of his. He approached her and she explained that the dog was Fluff, and he belonged to her flatmate. After checking the dog, Toadie realised, from a scar on his leg, that it was Bob and the two dogs were exchanged back. Toadie had a coffee with the girl, Charlie Thorpe, and couldn’t stop thinking about where he’d seen her before.

When he later spotted her at the university, they got to chatting and she explained that she was from London, but studying law in Australia. Toadie then realised that he’d seen her sitting at the back of some of his lectures, and he decided to invite her out to a meeting of his medieval recreation club, Milites Normannorum. As they prepared for the meeting, she told him about her ex-boyfriend, Rupert Coburn, who she was still sharing a house with. Later that day, the two of them battled in medieval dress, and Toadie was impressed with Charlie, so much so that he made a pass at her, which she ignored. She then headed off for a meeting with Rupert, in the hope of getting him out of the house. That evening, she turned up at number 30 and told Toadie that Rupert was refusing to budge and that she’d have to move out. She then asked Toadie if she could move in with him. Toadie agreed to let her stay, but once again made a move on her that evening, as he tried to kiss her. She quickly pulled away, making it clear that she wasn’t ready for anything like that so soon after Rupert. The next morning, Charlie realised that Joel wasn’t happy about her staying, so she made a quick getaway.

Just as Toadie was giving up on her, Charlie came back into his life and apologised for her behaviour, claiming that she was just mixed up over Rupert. Toadie was delighted and she offered to make dinner at number 30. Whilst there, Joel overheard her on the phone, telling someone that the split was only temporary, and he grew suspicious of her. Later that night, Charlie suggested to Toadie that she should move in with him and he agreed. Joel and Lance were less convinced though, causing a huge fall out and Toadie’s announcement that he would move out. When Charlie turned up the next day with her stuff, Joel and Lance politely explained that situation and she accepted it. But when she then ran into Toadie outside, she claimed that Joel and Lance had been extremely rude to her, causing the rift to get worse.

Although Toadie managed to make things up with his housemates, he pressed on with his plans to find a flat with Charlie. As the pair were celebrating having found somewhere to live, Charlie took Toadie by surprise when she proposed to him. He told her that he’d need to think about things, before getting down on one knee at Lassiter’s Lake and proposing himself. As the couple spread the news and went out for a slap-up meal in the city to celebrate, Charlie tried to subtly drop her visa problems into the conversation. Toadie’s worst fears were suddenly confirmed, but he decided to stick up for her when he saw her arguing with her ex, Rupert. Rupert then warned Toadie that he was making a mistake and later turned up at the pub with a love letter he’d only just received from Charlie. Toadie confronted her and he realised that she wasn’t even a student at the uni, and didn’t really love him. After one night with Rupert, she had simply been trying to get close to him and needed to stay in the country because she was obsessed with her one night stand. Charlie made one final attempt to get Toadie to marry her, before walking out of his life, claiming that the whole thing had been his fault in the first place.

Biography by Steve



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