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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Sam Tinselman Sylvia Petrice

Sam Tinselman 2004
Occupation: Film Producer

Desperate to get into film school, Taj Coppin was delighted to hear that film producer Sam Tinselman was staying at Lassiter’s Hotel, where he worked. His friends, Stuart Parker and Toadie Rebecchi, decided to help him out by rigging up the television system in the hotel to show the film Taj had made for his media studies project, in place of Tootsie. Unfortunately, the plan backfired spectacularly when hotel boss Chloe Lambert got to hear about it and fired him. As he was finishing up on his final shift, a woman came into reception, asking for a replacement key for her room. As they got talking and Taj realised who she was, she discovered that he was the person who’d made the video she’d seen on hotel television. She told him that he showed a lot of promise as a filmmaker and she admired his audacity. She told him that if he could get down to Sydney the following day, she had a job for him as a runner on a film she was making. By the next day, Taj had packed his bags and gone.

Notes: Sylvia Petrice previously guest starred as Abi Porter in 2001.

Biography by Steve



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