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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Ted Vickers John Jacobs

Ted Vickers 1989
Marital Status: Noelene (divorced 1989)

Harsh, cruel Ted Vickers married single mother Noelene, but showed very little interest in her young son, Toby. It was at Tedís suggestion that Toby was sent down from Townsville to spend the summer with his father, Joe, who he hadnít seen in six years. Toby had a wonderful time staying with his dad and was extremely reluctant to return home. When Noelene and Ted arrived to collect Toby, it became clear why. Ted was quick to put Toby down at every opportunity, and it was obvious that Noelene had already been worn down by his bullying tactics. Joe was eventually witness to it later in the day when they were all having lunch together. As Toby tried to get some ketchup and ended up making a mess, Ted struck him on the face. This was enough for Joe, who promptly threw Ted and Noelene out.

Over the weeks that followed, Noelene made several attempts to get Toby back and finally succeeded, with the help of Joe's neighbour Edie Chubb. But Ted was furious to see the young boy back in his life and warned Noelene to get rid of him. When she refused, he started to get violent, but was rescued by Joe, who had tracked her and Toby down. Joe told Ted to get lost, and Ted was only too happy to disappear. After a few weeks on her own, Noelene realised that Toby might be better off with the stability of his new home in Ramsay Street. She left him with Joe and returned to Queensland, where she attempted to rebuild her life.

Biography by Steve



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