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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Caleb Wilson Joss Kasper

Caleb Wilson 2004
Parents: Roger Wilson
Occupation: Student

Following Max Hoyland and Stephanie Scully’s wedding, the whole family set off to a holiday resort for a week. It was there that Summer Hoyland met a young boy named Caleb. The two of them quickly hit it off, but he was about to return home, so he wrote down his details and gave them to see before leaving. Unfortunately, Max chose that moment to sneak up and throw Summer in the pool, leaving Caleb’s note illegible. When they got home, Summer and Steph tried to work out every possible combination that the blurry numbers could be, but Summer couldn’t find him. Then Steph remembered chatting to Caleb’s father in the bar, and provided the surname - Wilson. After a quick online search, Summer’s brother, Boyd, revealed that Summer had fallen for the son of a billionnaire.

Summer and Caleb exchanged emails for a while, until he suddenly turned up in Erinsborough in the back of a limo, ready to take her out. They spent the afternoon at his father’s leisure club, where Summer’s Aunt Izzy and her boyfriend, Karl Kennedy were also dining. Izzy and Karl decided that the snobbery wasn’t really for them and ended up making fools of themselves when Caleb threw them out, due to their rowdy behaviour. Meanwhile, Max was unimpressed with Caleb throwing his money around, as were Summer’s friends, who weren’t even sure whether to believe he existed. However, when Caleb turned up at the school on an electric scooter to pick Summer up, her friend Lisa Jeffries was dumb-founded. Meanwhile, Caleb’s father, Roger, arranged for a whole go-kart track to be hired out for Caleb and Summer, where he joined them for the day. Max was also present, ready to speak his mind, until Roger offered him a free tropical holiday for the pub raffle.

The differences between Summer and Caleb’s worlds began to show when she had to do the housework instead of going out. Caleb immediately phoned his dad’s cleaning firm and arranged for some people to come and help out. Max was once again upset and tried to put a little distance between Summer and Caleb. He didn’t have to try too hard, as a few weeks later, Summer received a letter from Caleb saying that he’d met someone else.

When Caleb tried to make further contact, Summer put Jack Scully on the line and he pretended to be Summer’s new, older boyfriend. Caleb wasn’t sure how to react, but then he broke the news that he would be returning to the area. Summer invited him over, intent on getting revenge for the way he’d treated her. She told Caleb about all of the expensive ways he could win her back, then ordered loads of food in the Coffee Shop. Unfortunately, he chose that moment to explain to her that he was no longer staying with his rich father in Queensland, but was back at his mother’s flat in Eden Hills. Unable to pay for the food, Izzy forced them to wash-up for a few days to pay off the debt. Having cleared the air between them, Summer and Caleb became good friends, even helping out Lyn Scully around the house. However, when Lyn offered all of the manual jobs to Caleb, Summer decided to try being a boy for the day, to see how people treated her. Although Caleb’s friends seemed to be fooled, it looked like it would take a little bit more to get one over on the local adults.

Having been a couple for several months, Caleb started to put pressure on Summer to begin “pashing” but she wasn’t so sure. She explained to her dad and Nana Scully that she was beginning to feel pressurised into doing something that she wasn’t ready for. She was encouraged by them, as well as neighbour Carmella, who she confided in, to be honest with Caleb. The next day, they met for a picnic in the park and agreed to make a fresh start, with Summer making a toast to “moving on”. Unfortunately, Caleb took that to mean that she was ready to take the relationship further and he tried to kiss her again. Summer ran off and Caleb chased her back to Ramsay Street, where he tried to apologise and tell her that it didn’t matter if she wasn’t ready. But Summer had already had enough and told him that his attempts to keep up with the other boys had just cost him his girlfriend.

Biography by Steve



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