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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Roger Wilson Darren Mort

Roger Wilson 2004
Children: Caleb
Occupation: Businessman

Billionnaire Roger Wilson was used to throwing his money around to impress people, and his own son was no different. When Roger split up from Calebís mother, she returned to a small flat in Eden Hills, with custody of their son. However, when Roger had access to Caleb, he made sure to provide plenty of outlandish treats in order to keep his sonís affections. It was during a trip to a holiday resort that Caleb met Summer Hoyland, who was holidaying there with her family. Caleb and Summer quickly hit it off until she returned to Erinsborough without even knowing his last name. She eventually tracked him down, and he came to Erinsborough to see her, making out like he constantly lived in the lap of luxury. Roger joined his son when he had business to do in Melbourne, and treated the kids to a whole go-kart track to themselves. He met Summerís father, Max, who wasnít impressed with all of the cash, but Roger won him over with the promise of a free tropical holiday as a prize for a pub raffle.

Biography by Steve



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