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Tracey Wong 2014
Occupation: Private Detective

With the police investigation into Kate Ramsay's murder moving slowly, and hitting dead ends, her uncle, Paul Robinson decided to take matters into his own hands, and hired private investigator Tracey Wong. Kate's devastated fiance, Mark Brennan, a former detective, soon spotted Tracey searching by the lake, where Kate's murder had taken place, and confronted her, recognising her from his police work. Soon realising why Tracey was there, and who had hired her, Brennan tracked down Paul and tried to get him to stop Tracey, fearing that she would just jeopardise the real investigation, and that any evidence she found might end up being inadmissible in court, if Kate's killer were ever found.

Paul ignored Brennan's pleas, and Tracey had soon found another lead, when she was given access to the hotel's transaction records from the day of the shooting. She found that Brennan's ex-girlfriend Sienna Matthews had used her card at the hotel thirty minutes before the shooting, having previously claimed that she'd been elsewhere with her cousin when it happened. Sienna was brought back for questioning, and she admitted that she'd lied, but she still denied that she'd killed Kate, saying that she'd actually gone to the hotel for a drink, then caught a taxi straight to the airport. However, with no way of proving it, and having already lied, Sienna suddenly found herself under scrutiny, with only Brennan believing that she was incapable of murder.

The following week, another Erinsborough resident decided to use Tracey's services, when Brad Willis hired her to trace his long-lost daughter. As Lauren, the mother of the child, and Terese, Brad's wife, were unsupportive of continuing with the search, he went behind their backs, holding yoga classes at the lake to make some extra money, which he used to pay Tracey. When Terese spotted Brad chatting to Tracey on a couple of occasions, she, already a little insecure about her husband being around so many attractive women, asked what was going on, and Brad was forced to lie that Tracey was interested in hiring him for some private yoga lessons.

A couple of weeks later, Tracey returned to Brad to tell him that she'd gone through a list of people who'd been visiting the town of Maleny when Lauren gave birth, and had ruled out most of them, but had been unable to get in touch with one couple - John and Mary Smith. She explained that she'd traced them to Adelaide, but told Brad that she was going to need more money if he wanted her to go to South Australia and continue the investigation. Only just able to pay her for her services so far, Brad told her that he'd go it alone from now on, and so Tracey handed over the contact details for the Smiths, and wished him luck with his search.

Episodes Featured
6872, 6877, 6882, 6890

Biography by Steve