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Sienna Matthews 2014

Outgoing and confident Sienna Matthews first met Mark Brennan at his abseiling school, when she was nervously awaiting her first lesson and he took her under his wing. At the time, Brennan was under witness protection, going by the name of Matt Smith, and it wasn't long before Sienna found this out when he was tracked down and attacked in his home. Despite this, the pair developed a relationship, but as soon as Brennan was told that he was free of the witness protection programme, he returned to his old home in Erinsborough to find his ex, Kate Ramsay. Things between Brennan and Kate had been unresolved, as she'd missed her chance to join him in witness protection and information had later leaked that he'd died, leaving Kate stunned when she saw him again. He explained that the whole thing had been faked, and that now he was free, he needed to know if there was a chance for them. Kate told him that she'd moved on and he returned to the Blue Mountains, but the spectre of Kate hung over Brennan and Sienna and they split up. He left for a road trip, but it wasn't long before he was back in Erinsborough, living at 24 Ramsay Street with Danni Ferguson and doing everything in his power to win Kate back.

Having been told that she was unlikely to ever have children, and knowing that Brennan wanted a family, Kate pushed him away, adamant that they could never be together again. It was then that Sienna tracked him down and broke into number 24, terrifying Kate, who was alone at the house at the time. Brennan was confused to see Sienna, but she made it clear that she wanted him back, pestering him for information about the other woman that he'd been so hung up on. It didn't take Sienna long to realise that Kate was the woman in question and so she went to see her at the penthouse apartment she shared with her Uncle Paul. Though Sienna began the conversation as the bright and breezy girl that Kate had met before, she soon became increasingly desperate, asking Kate to let Brennan go, so that she could get back together with him. She then stood on the balcony, commenting that it would be a long way to fall and that Kate clearly didn't have a problem with heights. Kate was left shaken by Sienna's visit, and immediately went and told Paul what had happened. Brennan, meanwhile, told Sienna to leave town and she eventually got the message that he no longer wanted to be with her. The next morning, as Brennan said goodbye to Sienna at Charlie's bar, Paul spotted them and, once Brennan had gone, he went over and gave Sienna a tissue to dry her eyes. Firmly believing that Brennan was no good for Kate, Paul encouraged Sienna to keep fighting for her man, telling her to give him some time and then to come back and try again to win him over.

Sienna made an unexpected return to town a couple of weeks later, again letting herself into number 24, but this time finding that Brennan was at home, and he was looking at an engagement ring. Furious that he was planning to propose to Kate, Sienna accused him of wasting two years of her life when he was really in love with someone else. She then warned that she'd never forgive him for what he'd done. Later that day, just after Brennan had proposed to Kate in the rotunda by Lassiter's lake, she was shot by an unseen assailant and died shortly afterwards.

The prime suspect was Danni's ex, Stephen Montague, but when he was ruled out, Paul hired a private investigator, Tracey Wong, who obtained records from the hotel and found out that Sienna had lied when she'd initially been asked about her whereabouts during the shooting. Sienna had claimed that she'd gone to see her cousin, but the credit card transactions showed that she'd actually been at the hotel only half an hour before the shooting had occurred. Sienna explained that she'd lied because she didn't want to become a suspect, and Brennan believed her, but Paul was furious that, after making a new statement to the police, she was allowed to leave. He leaked the story to the local newspaper, and Sienna was very upset, telling Brennan that her bosses and her roommate had heard about it, and she'd been sacked and had nowhere to live. She managed to persuade Brennan to let her stay, but a phone call home soon showed that she hadn't actually lost her job, and was lying to Brennan to get sympathy, hoping that she still had a future with him.

Brennan and Sienna soon fell into a comfortable, and familiar, routine together, but he began to feel guilty, realising one morning at breakfast that he hadn't even thought about Kate that day. Sienna did her best to comfort him as he talked through his feelings, but when they ended up kissing, Brennan felt terrible and quickly left the house, with Sienna unsure where she now stood with him. After being confronted by Brennan's friend Imogen, a schoolgirl with a crush on him, Sienna told her to back off, as she was just a child and knew nothing about adult relationships. When Brennan finally returned home, he told Sienna that it would be best if she moved out, but she pleaded with him to let her stay, claiming that she had nowhere else to go. Brennan eventually agreed, but made it clear that the kiss was a one-off and that nothing like that could ever happen again. Sienna then decided to give him a few days on his way, and returned to the Blue Mountains to collect the rest of her things.

Whilst Sienna was away, Brennan was going through some of Kate's things that had been brought over from the school, when he found a note with the words 'You're going to pay' written over and over. After matching it with one of Sienna's shopping lists, Brennan realised that she'd written it, and when she returned, he attempted to get a confession out of her. The police soon turned up and Sienna was taken in for questioning again, though she insisted that she wasn't the person who'd shot Kate. Frustrated that Kate's killer might have been under his roof the whole time, Brennan realised that he was going to have to do the police's job for them, and he started interrogating local taxi drivers, trying to prove - or disprove - Sienna's story that she'd been taken to the airport before the shooting occurred. Eventually, the driver was found, and it emerged that he was on an expired visa and had been scared to come forward during the initial police enquiries. He backed up Sienna's story, however, and she was relieved to finally be off the hook, but Brennan told her that she could no longer stay with him and it might be better if they both made a fresh start, and so she returned to her old life in the Blue Mountains.

Trivia Notes
Sienna was first mentioned on-screen in May 2013, and first appeared in the February 2014 webisodes Brennan On The Run, before transferring over to the main show later that year
Sarah Roberts previously appeared in 2010 as Clare Henderson and in 2011 as Jess Walker

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