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Episode Summaries > 2000 > Episode 3655
Written by Chris Hollow, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Over breakfast, Karl and Susan argue over what to do with Billy's old room. Tess asks Steph why she's looking at the property section of the newspaper - Steph explains that she's moving away from Erinsborough.

Tess asks Steph if she's serious, and Steph says she wouldn't be doing all this if she wasn't. Tess tried to find out exactly what's behind Steph's sudden decision and Steph makes excuses about not really feeling like she's going anywhere in life, needing a change, etc. Tess finally gets her to admit that it's all about a guy and after more probing, Tess correctly guesses that it's Drew.

Drew and Libby are sitting drinking champagne at the rotunda and make a toast to themselves. They discuss rescheduling the wedding and Drew says they've waited long enough, he wants it to be as soon as possible. Libby reminds him that she still wants it to be her dream wedding and Drew says he wants to do it before he's too old to enjoy it.

Steph and Tess arrive back at Number 26 and Steph admits that she can't just pull out of being bridesmaid without arousing suspicions. She can't just tell Libby that she's in love with the groom. Tess thinks that Steph's strong enough to get through this, but Steph says that although she still seems like strong old Steph on the outside, inside she's falling apart.

Paul is packing for football camp and Harold is 'helping' by reading through a checklist and providing him with food. Paul insists he won't starve. Paul is eager to go, but tells Harold how nervous he is. Harold surprises Paul by revealing that he used to play football and his nickname was 'Hungry' on the field.

They arrive at the camp and a lot of the lads are standing around outside. One of the guys, 'Nuts' Bennett, talks to Paul, asking him what position he plays - when Paul says he plays ruck-rover, the guys all laugh, and 'Nuts' explains that he's got that position covered on the team. The guys quieten down when the coach, Pat Miller, comes over and gives a speech welcoming them to the Eastside Dingoes training camp. Pat tells them that he wants them to enjoy the experience - and that can begin with a 5km run…

Libby is telling Susan that she really wants to get married somewhere special - but that Drew would get married tomorrow in a tent. She's worried that he doesn't find any of the details important - Susan says that he does, but he's just got a bit of perspective, which she'd do well to have herself. Libby jokingly says that she knew Susan would take Drew's side.

Steph is sitting talking to Harvey, wondering what she is going to do to get out of this situation. After contemplating things for a few moments, she picks up the phone and calls someone to ask about a job.

Libby comes into the kitchen at Number 28 and tells Susan she was right. She's going to compromise and work with what Drew wants. Libby says that the wedding could be as soon as next week - they both want to get married, that's the main thing. Libby wonders whether to ring Drew - Susan suggests she does some yoga.

Harold arrives back at the coffee shop and tells Madge that Paul seemed fine and everyone at the camp seemed friendly enough. Madge is worried about him getting injured, but Harold assures her he'll be fine - but he's about to be tested like he's never been tested before.

At the camp, Paul is just coming to the end of his run. He's competing with 'Nuts' to finish the last few metres. 'Nuts' is annoyed with Paul upstaging him, while Pat Miller is very impressed, suggesting that Paul may be champion material. After Miller walks away, 'Nuts' warns him not to try too hard.

After some practice, Pat Miller tells the guys that it's been a good start to the camp and that in an hour they'll be going to the social club for a 'get to know your team-mates' session. He tells them to live by the motto 'There's no I in team' and sends them in to the showers.

At the Coffee Shop, Lou tells Susan he's been granted space for an art exhibition, although he had to politely decline Karl'' offer to provide entertainment. Harold gets off the phone and tells Lou that the broker he recommended hasn't had a single offer for 'Grease Monkeys'. Lou tells him to just be patient.

At the pub, Drew is looking for Karl's support in talking Libby round to getting married as soon as possible. Tess and Steph come in for a drink and Karl and Drew leave. Tess tells Steph she handled that situation well, but Steph says there was no 'situation' and says she wishes she'd never told Tess. Tess apologises and Steph calms down and suggests they go and play pool.

At the social club, and 'Nuts' give Paul a pint to drink, by way of initiation. Paul tells them he doesn't drink and 'Nuts' calls him pathetic. When two girls come in, 'Nuts' suggests that Paul goes and 'welcomes' them.

Harold is on the computer, and Madge is worried that she's married to an Internet junkie. Madge is worried about trusting Lou to find them a broker and Harold says that Lou was right, they'll just have to be patient. They go on to talk about Paul, and Harold is sure he's having a wonderful time…

The team are trying to get Paul to chat up the girls, but he continues to refuse. 'Nuts' takes him aside and tells him he'll have to do things he's not comfortable with on the footie field, so Paul walks up to the girls... then walks straight out of the bar, while everyone laughs at him.

Notes: In the exterior scenes of this episode, Dan Paris' beard suddenly reappears, despite him having shaved it off in previous interior scenes.

Summary by Steve