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Episode Summaries > 2000 > Episode 3656
Written by Christopher Gist, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Paul is challenged to chat up two girls, but hurries out of the bar and the whole team laugh at him. Steph phones up to enquire about a job.

At the Scully house, Steph tells her parents and Uncle Mick about a job a job she's gone for with heaps more experience, but it's in West Newbury. Lyn wonders how she's going to commute that far each day, until Steph reveals that she'll be moving out.

Madge answers the phone to Pat Miller, who explains that Paul has disappeared from the camp. She tells Harold and they are both concerned.

Lyn and Joe both want to know why Steph suddenly wants to move so far away. Steph explains that she's finding things difficult at Moco with the new bosses. They try to talk her into staying a bit closer to home, and Lyn is convinced that they'll hardly ever see Steph if she moves away. Lyn is also worried about Libby's wedding, but Steph storms out, saying that she hasn't even got the job yet.

Dione is busy painting in the lounge room of Number 32, when Tess comes in and notices the mess. Tess tries to subtly ask her when she'll be finished, but Dee doesn't take the hint and Tess goes to her room.

Paul arrives back at Number 24 and a worried Madge tries to find out what's going on. Paul insists he was bored and they were all older than him, so he couldn't drink. Paul explains that Pat wasn't around to tell when he left and that he's going to give the seniors a miss for a few years. Madge is convinced that he's not telling the whole truth, while Harold goes to phone Pat.

Lyn is angry over Steph's decision and Joe makes them sit down and talk to each other. Steph insists it's just a good opportunity, but Lyn asks if it's about Drew. Steph gets angry and asks why everything has to come down to Drew.

Harold brings Paul a cup of tea in the back yard and tries to find out what's wrong. Harold says that if he's jacking it in to concentrate on his studies, that's fine, but if it's because of some guys who may not even be in the team next year, then it's a terrible waste.

Joe tells a nervous Steph that she looks great for her job interview. Joe and Lyn wish her luck, and Lyn starts talking about all the stuff she'll need to get if she gets her own place. Steph looks slightly upset, then leaves. Lyn comments that this whole situation is down to Drew.

Tess is cleaning up when she notices a paint stain on a cushion and points it out to an apologetic Dione. Tess says that the lounge room isn't really a studio and Dee explains that it has such good light. Tess explains that it's better for relaxing than painting and Dee apologises, then suddenly offers to paint Tess' portrait, by way of an apology.

Pat Miller arrives at Number 24, and explains what happened with Paul and the girls in the bar. Harold and Madge are surprised, but send Pat out back to chat to Paul. Pat tells Paul that there's more to being in the team than being a good player and that he needs to be a part of the team. Paul refuses to go back to the camp and Pat tells him that if he doesn't turn up to training next week, he's out of the team, but not to go to him if, in five years, he realises what he gave up.

Steph gets back from her interview, talking to her parents about how well it went. Joe takes Harvey out and Lyn tells Steph that she knows this is all because of Drew, but that she won't be able to run away from her pain. She says it's ok if she really wants to move away, but just to make sure it's not for the wrong reasons.

Madge and Harold try to find out what Pat said to Paul. Paul explains that Pat wasn't interested in his concerns and that he's not going back to the Dingoes.

Tess is looking at the picture Dione has painted of her and wondering what exactly it's supposed to look like. Dee goes to meet friends at the pub, while Tess is left staring, confused, at the painting.

Lyn and Joe are at the pub, wondering when Mick is going to be out of their hair. Joe insists that he'll find some work soon. Lyn goes up to the bar and chats to Dione, Lyn invites her to a 'Beauty Tree' evening tomorrow, and reveals what's on her mind by asking Dee to invite Steph too, instead of Tess.

Next morning, Steph is getting ready to go to work and tells Lyn that if she doesn't get this job, she might consider staying. Steph explains that Lyn was right about Drew and that she'll just have to cope with Bev the boss from hell, if she stays.

Tess wakes up to find a load of Dee's friends asleep on the lounge room floor. Tess isn't happy, then Lyn arrives and asks if Dee and Tess can help with setting up for 'Beauty Tree', Dione agrees. Tess is surprised, as she hadn't even been told about the party.

At Moco, Steph is chasing up outstanding accounts. Bev complains that Steph's work is too slow. Steph is angry that Bev keeps taking everything out on her and tells her where to stick her job, looking very satisfied as she walks out.

Summary by Steve