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Episode Summaries > 2000 > Episode 3657
Written by Ray Kolle, Directed by David Myles

Lyn wants to know when Mick will be out of the house. Steph quits her job at Moco...

Steph is walking down the street, carrying all her stuff in a box, when Drew pulls up and offers her a lift. She gets in and explains she's quit her job and it feels great. She tells him about her job in West Newbury and he asks if it's because of him. She says she's finding it hard being around him. He apologises.

Joe finds Lyn at the Coffee Shop and Mick comes in and claims to have two interviews lined up that day, so he can't help out on Joe's site. Lyn is suspicious, especially when he asks her to lend him 20 dollars.

Drew and Steph arrive in Ramsay Street and he tells her that leaving Erinsborough isn't the solution. She says she has no other option, then Libby walks up and Steph tells her about quitting her job. Libby is happy for her. Inside Number 26, Steph explains about having to move away and Libby says they can all go to stay with her. Mick comes in and warns Steph to wait until Lyn and Joe hear about her quitting.

Libby goes to see Drew at the garage and tells him that she'll have to make sure she visits Steph all the time. Libby then reveals that she's going to get the wedding rings designed as a wedding gift to him.

Lyn brings Joe his lunch at the site. She tells Joe about lending Mick money and Joe defends his brother, saying he doesn't like accepting charity. Lyn says if he really wanted a job, he'd find one.

At Number 26, Mick is watching the races. Steph gets a call to say she didn't get the West Newbury job and wonders what she's going to do now.

Tess finds herself locked out of her own home, and an excited Dione tells her she can't come in as she's got a surprise planned.

Drew is at the pub confiding in Lou about Steph's plans to leave. Lou explains that Libby is going to find out about the Steph situation sooner or later, so maybe he'd be better off telling her now. Drew is unsure. He also tells Lou that he's giving Libby a car as her wedding present. Libby then comes in, and they quickly shut up.

Tess is trying to get a glimpse of what is going on inside her house, but Dione notices and quickly closes the curtains.

Joe is asking Mick again about the job at the site and Mick tries to avoid the issue, but eventually agrees to help out tomorrow. Steph tells Joe she quit her job and she didn't get the other job. Mick defends Steph, but Joe tries to talk Steph into going back to Moco. Steph insists she'll be fine.

Dione finally grudgingly lets Tess back in and Tess is shocked to find her lounge room transformed into a temple of relaxation.

Lyn gets home to find the house in a mess. Mick agrees to tidy up his mess and tells Lyn that he'll be working with Joe on the site, before accidentally revealing to a shocked Lyn that Steph is unemployed. Joe goes and explains the situation to Lyn, who despairs of her whole family.

Later on, Steph is helping Lyn prepare for her 'Beauty Tree' party. Lyn comforts Steph over the job and promises her something will come along. Lyn realises she's forgotten the drinks and sends Steph off to the pub. Tess and Dione arrive to help Lyn, who is in a blind panic by this point.

Outside, Joe, Mick and Steph are heading out when they see Drew and Libby. Joe wants to know why Steph didn't invite Libby to the 'Beauty Tree' party. Drew claims she was probably just saving Libby from a boring evening. As Steph drives off, she has an awkward conversation with Libby and Drew and Libby swears that there's something amiss…

Lyn is having a hard time selling her products, despite Dione's attempts to be enthusiastic and buy two blushers. Lyn goes off into the kitchen with Steph and seems pleased that Dione's efforts are having the desired effect.

Libby and Drew are at Number 28 and Libby is still trying to work out what's wrong with Steph. Drew is acting oddly whenever Steph is mentioned and Libby confronts him - asking if there's something going on that she should know about...

Summary by Steve