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Episode Summaries > 2000 > Episode 3658
Written by Louise Le Nay, Directed by David Myles

Lance gets a letter from Allana apologising for not inviting him to the Oz Trek convention. Libby confronts Drew about Steph...

Drew tells Libby it's not what she thinks. He explains that there was some awkwardness between him and Steph and that she told him she had feelings for him. Libby is shocked by the news, but remains calm.

Toadie is celebrating the end of the uni year with friends at the pub, when Susan and Karl walk in. Karl is reluctant to open his wallet and get Toadie a drink. Mick and Joe arrive and Karl ends up shelling out again. Lance then arrives with his mates to celebrate the end of exams.

Libby asks Drew how come he couldn't tell Steph was in love with him. He claims he wasn't really looking for any signs. Libby finds out that Toadie knew and feels like an idiot. Drew says he didn't want to ruin her friendship with Steph and he doesn't want anything to change. Libby says it's too late for that.

Mick and Joe meet Michelle on their way home as she's doing a leaflet drop. Joe tells her to stick to doing it in daylight and they take her home. Toadie and his mates head back to Number 30 and Michelle looks angry with him.

Lyn and Steph are clearing up and Lyn is thrilled at how the evening went. Lyn decides to carry on holding 'Beauty Tree' events. Steph is still down about losing the job and tells Lyn she's still thinking about moving out, which Lyn says is fine and natural. Mick, Joe and Michelle walk in and try to raise Steph's spirits.

Libby is finding it hard to believe that Drew doesn't have feelings for Steph. Drew wishes he hadn't said anything, but Libby insists that would have been far worse. Susan and Karl return and Drew leaves. Libby goes to bed and Susan gets the feeling something is wrong.

Michelle is upset that Steph is planning to move out. Steph lists reasons why Michelle would be better off without her there.

Steph takes out the garbage and sees Drew. He tells her he told Libby and Steph is shocked. He tells her that Libby just sensed it, but Steph is worried about what Libby will now do.

Libby tells Susan about Steph being in love with Drew. Libby doesn't know how to react to the situation and Susan tells her it's ok to feel betrayed if that's how she feels. Libby says she doesn't want to lose her friendship with Steph and Susan says she doesn't have to.

Next morning, Steph is getting on her bike, when Susan and Libby emerge from Number 28 while Drew comes out of Number 22. Drew goes up to Libby and kisses her, then they spot Steph, who is struggling with her bike Libby says it's ok and Drew walks away down the street to help her, while Libby looks at Steph in a confused way.

Lance finds various people asleep around Number 30 after the party. He also finds the word 'Allana' spelt out in chips on the table along with a letter. It's telling him to meet her at the Coffee Shop, so he leaves.

Drew has helped Steph, and Libby asks Steph is she can have a word. Susan watches on as Steph and Libby go into Number 28.

At the coffee shop, Joe gives Karl a quote for the work on the house, mates rates. Meanwhile, Mick gives one to Susan. Allana sneaks in and plants a clue while Lance is waiting, he goes outside but can't find her.

Steph tells Libby that she doesn't want to talk about this because nothing happened. Libby wants to get it all out in the open. Steph explains that she can't help the way she feels, she feels stupid and Libby says this doesn't have to change anything. Steph says it does - and leaves.

Lance and Toadie fight over Allana's final challenge - a video.

At the building site, Lyn calls in to see Joe. Mick is listening to the racing on the radio and disappears off. Joe looks worried.

At the Coffee Shop, Libby asks Drew why he warned Steph about her knowing the truth. He says that all he wants is for everyone to be open and honest - end of story. Libby apologises for doubting him.

Lance watches the video and finds out his final challenge - to obtain a piece of the crashed satellite Miron.

Summary by Steve