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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4192
Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Julie Bates, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 10/03/03 BBC One: 11/04/03 UK Gold: 09/10/06

• Jack and Nina remain awkward around each other
• Michelle asks Connor to marry her in order to save him from Immigration

Motel - Outside: Connor insists that he cannot marry Michelle, explaining that she is too young. Michelle says that she loves him and just wants to keep him in the country. Connor considers and agrees, saying that they must tell Joe and Lyn where they are. Michelle nods in agreement and they hug.

No 26 - Living room: Lori listens to Jack as he talks to Michelle on the phone, Michelle hanging up when Jack says that he wants to collect her. Joe enters with laundry, assuring Jack that he is keeping calm, although Connor should have more sense than to do this.

The Coffee Shop: Taj explains Nina that his mother’s birthday is approaching and he wants to get her something personal like jewellery. Nina seems distracted, not knowing how to answer questions on his mum’s taste. Taj takes her ring to use as an example and when she goes to the counter, he draws out the ring size on a napkin, actually intending to get a ring for Nina.

No 26 - Living room/Kitchen: Joe and Lyn are bickering over ironing when the phone rings. Jack answers and the same voice that threatened Karl and Dee states “I know your dirty little secret.” Jack hangs up, lying that it was a wrong number and leaves. In the kitchen, where he and Lori are doing homework, Jack is flustered about the call and claims instead that he is worried about the school project. Tired of waiting, Joe suggests to Lyn that they call the police but Lyn explains that Michelle was not kidnapped, and Connor is in enough trouble. Joe says that he will rip Connor to pieces. Shuffling in his schoolbag Jack takes his phone out, hiding it behind a book, and lies to Lori that he has to get something in his room.

The Coffee Shop: Nina is asking Taj about his parents, asking whether she can meet them. Receiving a text from Jack, she ignores it.

Church - Outside: Connor and Michelle are waiting to be seen to by the priest, Fr. Maltby, who soon joins them. Michelle introduces Connor as her fiancé and Fr. Maltby guesses that they want him to marry them. Initially hesitant, he explains that they need a license which will take about a month to register, and parental consent as Michelle is not yet 18. Seeing how saddened they are, he suggests that they wait a year or two. Michelle then explains that Connor will not be there in a year or two and Fr. Maltby looks on sympathetically.

No 26 - Living room/Kitchen: Next morning, Jack is eating breakfast while listening to Joe on the phone, attempting to stall the Immigration department. The two of them discuss Connor being so irresponsible, though Jack is certain that he will come home soon. As Joe, frustrated, says that he will stay at home to see what happens rather than go to work, Lori enters and tells Jack to hurry up for school.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Jack, Taj, Nina and Lori are walking together and talking about Michelle and Connor. Taj thinks that Joe and Lyn are right to be angry while Nina thinks that it is romantic, and Jack and Lori talk about how self-centred Michelle is being. Taj joins Lori at her locker, telling her about Nina’s ring and asks for ideas. Lori says that if he is so unsure, he should rethink the idea. At Nina’s locker, Jack asks why she did not answer his message, telling her that someone knows about them. She looks flustered as he tells her to meet him after school…later that day, Taj sees Lori walking around with a heap of clothes, and she explains that it is revenge for Boyd’s bathroom-spying game. Boyd then appears wearing nothing but what looks like a hand towel. Everyone around starts laughing, while Lori sees that he has learned his lesson before dumping the clothes on the ground and leaving him to gather them up without being too revealing.

The Coffee Shop: Nina joins Jack to discuss the phone call and Jack tells her what was said. They worry about Taj and Lori finding out this way and Jack says that they should tell them first. Summer interrupts to ask Jack for help on a school project and he eventually gets rid of her, before saying that they have no choice but to come clean. He says that he will say it was a moment of confusion, staying silent when Nina asks if it was. Worried about ruining things with Taj, she wonders if they will understand. Jack again remains silent.

No 26 - Kitchen: Joe is doing paperwork when a troubled Lyn joins him. He consoles her about Michelle just as the phone rings and he answers, demanding to know if it is Michelle.

Phonebox: Connor listens as Michelle talks to an angry Joe, apologising for worrying him. As he shouts down the phone, Connor tells her to ask for Lyn. Lyn grabs the phone from Joe and Michelle tells her that they are okay, before explaining that they want to get married with permission. Joe, on the kitchen phone, starts ranting at Michelle before she hangs up on him and storms off. As Connor says that they should go home before things get worse, she says that there has to be a way around.

The Coffee Shop: Nina finally heads to leave and tell Taj. Agreeing to stick to the story of how things started during the play, she leaves Jack to call Lori and ask her to meet him.

No 26 - Living room: Joe and Lyn are discussing Connor and Michelle when a package arrives from Valda. They open the box to find a bassinet, used when Lyn was an infant. Joe is unsettled to learn that Valda will be visiting soon before they wonder how she got hold of the bassinet to send to them. Talking about children, particularly Connor and Michelle, Joe starts rambling about the currently unborn one, until Lyn silences him.

The Coffee Shop: Lori greets Jack, asking what his call was about. Unable to confess, he starts rambling about being happy and romantic and that he loves her. He mumbles awkwardly about getting a drink, passing Boyd and Summer on the way to the fridge. Hearing Boyd threaten Summer about her dirty little secret, Jack realises who called him. Learning that the whole thing was a prank and that he was not the only victim, Jack shoos them away before calling Nina to tell her that they are safe. When she does not answer he rejoins Lori, saying that he has something important to do and will be back.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Taj is at his locker after football practice when Nina joins him. They each say that they have something important to say, and Nina lets him go first. Taj then presents her with the ring, saying that he has never felt this way before about anyone, and she looks glum. When he asks what is wrong, she says that she cannot accept it as would not be right, leaving him confused.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Connor O’Neill, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Nina Tucker

Guest Cast: Jay Bunyan as Jack Scully, Michelle Ang as Lori Lee, Jaime Robbie Reyne as Taj Coppin, Phil Moye as Father Maltby, Matt Thomas as David Clarke

Trivia Notes
• Nina wears her “disgusting” ring only because her grandmother gave it to her
• Joe mentions that he will call in sick for Lyn at work
• Lori took Boyd’s clothes while he was showering after P.E
• Valda’s note in her present reads: “Thought you might like this little bit of family history. Looking forward to seeing you very soon.”
• Large juice bottles in The Coffee Shop are $2.50 each

Summary by Brendan

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