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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4193
Written by Elizabeth Huntley, Directed by Julie Bates, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 11/03/03 BBC One: 14/04/03 UK Gold: 09/10/06

• Jack and Nina agree to tell Taj and Lori the truth
• Darcy tracks down a phone number and address for Darren Turner, Dee’s ex-husband
• Finding her and Darren’s marriage certificate, Dee scrunches it up
• Nina tells Taj that it would not be right for her to accept his ring

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Taj tells Nina that he can exchange the ring if she does not like it and she starts to explain just as Jack rushes up, asking to speak to her. Using the play as a metaphor, he tells Nina that the lines they were stressing about have been scrapped and they do not need to do them anymore. Getting the message across he leaves, forcing Nina to improvise and tell Taj that she did not want him to go to such trouble for her. She says that she loves him and hugs him earnestly, though he knows it is not what she wanted to say.

The Coffee Shop: Lori is waiting for Jack when he hurries back with flowers, asking her to forgive him. She does, and asks why he wanted to meet her so urgently before. Glancing behind her, he sees a poster advertising the Lassiter’s Charity Ball, so he asks her to go with him and she accepts, Jack not realising how expensive the tickets are.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Karl's office/Reception: Toadie is giving Karl the final arrangements for the court hearing in two weeks. While Karl is doubtful, Toadie assures him that they can work it out with only a fine if it goes well, looking away as Karl says that he has never gone wrong in his life. Outside, Dee is at her desk when Darcy arrives with his suit for the Charity Ball. As Toadie and Karl leave the office Dee complains that she never has anything to wear, joking with Toadie about it and chasing him outside as Darcy looking conniving.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Taj and Nina are leaving school, Nina acting giddy about the ring when Taj tells her he knows that she was about to tell him something else. Nina then confesses that she and Jack have a secret and he works out that they decided not to tell it. Put on the spot, Nina tells Taj that they were planning another surprise double date after the picnic went badly, which Taj believes, though Nina looks guilty.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Reception: Karl invites Darcy to dinner but Darcy makes the excuse that he wants a rare night off to relax, when Jack enters. Flustered, Jack explains to Darcy that he was backed into a corner by Lori and now the Ball tickets are all sold out, so Darcy says that he may be able to arrange something. When Jack leaves, Darcy calls Darren, again pretending to be from the Erinsborough Tourist Commission, in order to confirm his attendance the following night.

No 30 - Living room: Dee calls Toadie out to see his outfit for the Ball and gushes at him, though Toadie is sceptical about the shoes. Not letting him see her outfit, she insists that he keep the suit as she prepares to cut the tags.

No 26 - Living room: Jack and Lori are admiring each other’s outfits when Taj comes to the door. He apologises for going off at Jack earlier and says that Nina told him, leaving Jack stunned. When Taj learns that they are going to the Ball he assumes that this is where the double date will be, leaving Jack confused but relieved.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Next morning Jack catches up with Nina, explaining that Taj and Lori think that they are all going to the Ball together; neither of them is thrilled with the situation. As Lori and Taj join them, asking who thought it up, Jack and Nina both say the other’s name before saying that they both did. While the other two are very excited, both Jack and Nina remain silent.

The Coffee Shop: Toadie pays for his milkshake and snack when Lou enters, asking for Harold before explaining that he thinks they should attend the Ball as a pair. Toadie laughs at the idea as Karl joins them and they all discuss the Ball before Lou hurries off to ask Darcy for spare tickets.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Reception: Darcy finishes with a patient when both Jack and Lou approach him for more tickets. Since one couple cancelled, there are two tickets remaining, so they toss a coin. Jack wins with heads, though after Lou leaves, Darcy shows him that it is tails, saying that the pair of them have a lot in common.

No 30 - Living room: That night, Toadie and Dee both fawn over each other when Karl arrives with their lift, poking fun at Toadie’s suit before leading them out.

No 26 - Living room: Jack is fiddling with his sleeves when Nina arrives in her dress, leaving him speechless. Lori enters from the bedroom and helps Jack with his cufflinks as Taj arrives with a gift for Nina. They both thank Jack and Nina for organising the outing, saying how lucky they are.

Lassiter's - Ballroom: As everyone mills around, Darcy checks the set places at a table and rearranges Darren, Dee and Toadie’s to his liking. The teens arrive, taking the place in and mingling with Darcy, while Toadie, Dee and Karl do the same…Slow-dancing with Lori and Taj, Jack and Nina watch each other while the other is not looking. Darcy greets Darren and his date Samantha as they arrive while Lori asks to switch with Nina, forcing Nina and Jack to dance. Darcy introduces Toadie, Dee and Karl to Darren and Samantha, both Dee and Darren recognising each other immediately. As Darren points this out, Dee excuses herself, Toadie sensing that something is wrong…Outside, Dee attempts to compose herself, looking on in disbelief…While the teens leave for air, Toadie and Darren get acquainted at their table when Dee rejoins them, sitting on Toadie’s other side while Darcy is thoroughly enjoying the tension. As Dee and Darren make small talk Darcy pointedly asks how they know each other and it becomes clear that they were an item. Darren then mentions that they were married and Dee avoids Toadie’s eyes as he stares at her in shock.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Darcy Tyler, Lou Carpenter, Nina Tucker, Dee Bliss, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Jay Bunyan as Jack Scully, Michelle Ang as Lori Lee, Jaime Robbie Reyne as Taj Coppin, Daniel Fletcher as Darren Turner, Andrea Carbone as Samantha Hamilton

Trivia Notes
• Tickets for the Lassiter’s Charity Ball are $100 each
• Darcy’s contact number given on the Charity Ball poster is 9881 4325
• Darcy leaves Darren’s tickets at Lassiter’s reception to be collected
• Toadie compares his shoes to Mickey Mouse’s. Jack compares himself and Lori to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
• Toadie has booked a room for himself and Dee at Lassiter’s
• Karl says that he was suspicious of Susan being a “closeted soap opera fan”
• Taj initially mistakes Darcy for tennis player Darren Rafter

Summary by Brendan

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